5 Tips for Creating the Perfect “About Us” Video

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Is your marketing team looking for a new way to help your business stand out? Do you want to help increase brand recognition and build credibility in your area? If your company has not already developed a solid about us video, now is the time. About us videos allow companies to showcase what is special about their business, which is a great way to attract new leads. Keep reading for great tips for making your next Orlando video production an “about us” clip that stands out:


  1. Determine the Intent and Set the Tone

About us videos are a wise investment as they can be used in a variety of different ways. Even so, it is still important to identify your target audience and production goals before setting a budget and discussing scenes. Doing so will help you develop more focused ideas, resulting in a production that hits the mark. Different ways about us videos can be used include:

  • Television and Internet commercials
  • Catchy ads for social media
  • Internal use such as while hiring and training
  • Website introduction video
  • Included in a demo video
  • Part of the portfolio sent to clients
  • Trade show and convention booths


Although the overall goal is the same for each of these categories, the about us content should be developed and delivered slightly differently in each case. Some about us videos are be formal while others are more light-hearted and humorous. Decide what the tone of your production should be early on in the process, as your other decisions (script, lighting, actors, et cetera) will be impacted by the direction you decide to go.


  1. Put Employees Front and Center

Many businesses hire actors for their commercial productions, but an about us video is the perfect chance to include the true stars of your company: the employees. Consider interviewing multiple employees and sequencing their answers together, or choosing one employee and highlighting his or her typical day on the job. Other shots can include employee/client interactions or candid clips of employees working, talking, or laughing together. By including employees in your about us video, you give viewers an inside look at your company. This unique viewpoint may be enough to keep viewers engaged and interested.


  1. Share What’s Special

Depending on the length of your about us video production, you can include information about its origins and history. Why was your company founded, and what niche area of the market does it help fulfill? If you have top-of-the-line equipment or facilities, include a bit of a product demo or a building walk-through. If current clients always comment on the office culture and positive atmosphere, make sure those aspects are included in your production. Finally, make sure it is clear what your products or services are and why viewers should be interested. Give your audience a strong call to action, whether that is to visit in person, learn more online, or call for a quote or estimate.


  1. Show Your Personality

Adding some pizzazz to your about us video will help it stand out in a sea of other productions, but it will also help tie the production into your brand and client-perceived persona. Start by creating an inviting atmosphere and making viewers want to get to know you. Use strong actors who evoke a sense of knowledge and trust, and make sure the script is natural, simple, and sincere. Ways you can show personality in your production include:

  • Actor diction and delivery
  • Body language
  • Location
  • Background scenery or props
  • Use of color
  • Lighting and special effects
  • Cinematography


Each of these factors contributes to your production’s overall image, which in turn reflects your company’s image and perceived brand. About us videos do not all have to be overly catchy and humorous to be successful, but they should be professional without feeling stilted or stiff.


  1. Establish Credibility

Even as you begin to show more personality in your production, keep in mind that the goal of about us videos is to help establish your company as an industry leader, filling a niche market for your target audience. Your audience wants to know if they can trust you, and if they should bring their business to you. Do not spout jargon in an attempt to impress your audience, however. Instead, keep the script casual and conversational, as if you were a good friend advising someone to use the company. To help establish credibility, use facts to back up your arguments, open a direct line of communication by looking directly at the camera, and, if applicable, include the names or logos of clients you have served.


Above all, keep things personal and genuine. Your about us video should feel fresh and inspired, not overly rehearsed or scripted. This will help engage viewers in a more intimate way, which will help build both credibility and trust. If you are ready to start mapping out your business’ about us video, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We have filmmaking experience in every category, from primetime commercials to trade show videos. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.