5 Ways to Engage Your Waiting Room’s Captive Audience Using Video

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Do you frequently have customers spending time in your business’s lobby or waiting room? Whether your clients are waiting for an appointment or to pick something up, they are, for a time, your captive audiences. Even those engaged on their smartphones will look up at some point and be subconsciously drawn to a monitor or television screen. The truth is, videos will attract much more attention than static displays or even PowerPoint slides. Make the most of this opportunity by infusing slides with video clips or designing an entirely new Orlando video production for your waiting room. You can keep the volume low, or use captions to describe the action. Here are five ways to engage your waiting room’s audience using video:


  1. Answer Questions


Do you find that your customers tend to ask the same type of questions month after month? Including a frequently asked questions tab on your website is one way to help, but meeting your customers where they are is another. Create a short video that presents a few common questions with answers. Creating and acting out those scenarios will help ensure viewers take notice and stay engaged.


  1. Include a Product Demonstration


Is your company about to launch a new product line? Up your team’s marketing ante by showing viewers what it is and how it works. This type of video can be shown without sound in a quiet environment by overlaying text on the screen. List the dimensions of the product as you show it, and then include the features as you zoom in on certain areas. The same goes for service demonstrations: an employee can walk the camera through receiving, executing, and finishing a task of any type.


  1. Offer Tips or Advice


If your company’s products or services stay essentially the same each season or year, try offering your audience tips or advice instead. Shedding new light on a customer’s existing product can help them use it more effectively or in new ways. You can also let customers know of potential upgrades, add-ons, or complementary services. Sharing a promotional code or sneak peek at a special sale may also boost consumer interest and satisfaction.


  1. Go Behind the Scenes


Lobbies are meant to be grand and showy, as an outward sign of inward success. Let your dedicated customers come behind the scenes, however, with curated footage from your business. You can take a facilities tour, demonstrate equipment, show a shipment arriving, or follow a task from start to finish. You could also show some personality by sharing funny moments between co-workers or including candid shots of employees interacting while working. Giving your customers a look inside your everyday operations will humanize your image while making it clear that your employees are dedicated and hard-working.


  1. Showcase Recent Events


No matter how great your waiting room footage is, you may want to mix it up occasionally for the sake of your clientele. Incorporating clips from recent events is a great way to freshen your video feed while showcasing your company’s activities. This could include:

  • Highlights from a convention or conference
  • Excerpts from a speech or presentation
  • Behind-the-scenes look at a more casual company gathering
  • Footage from a customer-centric event or sale
  • Clips from an event sponsored by your company


In addition to highlighting recent events, you can also preview upcoming ones with teaser trailers. Otherwise, consider using the feed as a way to share new announcements or updates.


Are you ready to make your waiting room or lobby more appealing and professional? Contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films to learn more about engaging an audience you have already attracted. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.