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Online product or service demonstrations are incredibly valuable tools for generating new leads and retaining your current client base. Help your customers feel comfortable and confident about their new product by providing a detailed guide to its features and uses. Here are six things to keep in mind when creating your next Orlando corporate video production:


  1. Embrace the Visual Medium


Are you a tactile, auditory, or visual learner? Although the fundamental way people process information may be different, most people respond well to visual cues and explanations. Product or service demonstrations help engage consumers in a way that is both eye-catching and encourages information processing. Plus, watching a short clip is often less daunting than reading and trying to follow or imitate a large block of text. When a visual demonstration is clear and easy to follow, it is bound to be effective. You can also add captions, voiceovers, motion graphics, and more to supplement the footage itself.


  1. Showcase Key Components


Demonstrations do not have to be entirely cut-and-dry. While explaining how something works, you can also point out its lesser-known features. You should also feel free to show close-ups and explain how various components fit together. Alternatively, consider creating one or more clips about the same product. Ideas include:

  • Teaser trailers for product releases
  • Introductory clips
  • Examples of alternate uses or applications
  • In-depth approach
  • Behind-the-scenes look at the making of a product


Although you can produce promotional pieces for key products, you should generally avoid making your demonstration too salesy. The primary goal is to help support customers and build their trust by publishing the type of content they need.


  1. Make It Evergreen and Intended for 24/7 Access


Offering online customer service support is extremely important to increase your audience and maintain your client base. With that said, the beauty of online video demonstrations is that they can be accessed at any time. Unlike some posts and updates, evergreen content is meant to last, remaining searchable and viewable long after the publish date. Incorporating search engine optimization into the clip’s landing page will help web searchers find it, whether or not they are already your customers.


  1. Utilize a Step-by-Step Approach


Is the subject of your Orlando corporate video production a bit complicated? Do not be afraid to break it down into management chunks, whether or not you explain them in a single clip or across a series of them. For example, some how-to guides are too fast-paced for viewers to catch everything in real time. In addition, posting a long, continuous clip can make it difficult for users to find the right spot for the exact information they need. Make sure they can easily find, pause, or re-watch certain sections to catch up.


  1. Quickly Answer Common Consumer Questions


Many customers have the same questions and product issues, but is the only solution to lengthen your FAQ page? Text-based explanations have their benefits, especially for introducing industry jargon or providing lists for quick skimming. Unfortunately, a customer with a specific question may not appreciate being directed to your lengthy list of FAQs. You can respond directly, but while avoiding scripted and repetitive answers, by sending a link to your online customer service or technical support clips. If you can show a customer how to do something on his or her own, you may be able to avoid trying to explain it in prose.


  1. Make Sure the Clip is High-Quality


The content you publish has a huge impact on your company’s perceived professionalism, credibility, and honesty. Our Orlando corporate video production company, NG Production Films, uses high-definition filming and advanced editing to make your investment worth it. Call us at (877) 203-2895 or fill out this short online form to get started with a free, no-obligation consultation.