7 Tips to Turning Your Idea into a Successful Production

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With the recent boom of vlogging, training videos, and how-to videos, it’s no wonder that these types of productions have become the most popular videos on sites such as Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest and more. There is nothing more helpful than a visual aid and verbal instructions to guide you through a multiple step process. If you want to get more views on Youtube or become more relevant, apply your skills to a video and teach something to people that they will want to learn. There are a range of how-to videos online from “How to Tie a Tie”, and “How to cut your own hair” to “How to Draw” and many more. There are many skills, techniques, and everyday tips you can offer to people that they might be interested in. But first, what are some helpful tips that will turn your idea into a productive success?

1. Keep it Short – Be Concise (The best videos have a tight and organized format)

If the lesson, training, or how-to video is simple enough try to keep it down to two to five minutes; we live in a world consisting of shorter attention spans! If it’s a training video with a lot of necessary information, make it a maximum of 30 minutes.

2. Have a Plan and Use a Script

Nothing is worse than watching someone give a presentation without a plan. Make a script or even an outline with key points. And then…practice, practice, practice! Make sure you practice before you hit record so that you become familiar with the script. Fix any awkwardly worded sentences so that your message is understood by the audience.

3. Audio Quality

People are less forgiving of bad audio rather than bad video. Use an external mic rather than relying on the camera’s internal mic to get the best audio quality possible.

4. Lighting and Background

If you are using a demonstration table in a how-to video, a complicated background isn’t necessary. A busy background will distract from the point of the video. It’s as simple as using curtains or fabric as a backdrop. To prevent shadowing and poor lighting, it’s important to set two lights on each side (even lighting) from the center of the area you are shooting.

5. Add Closeups and Cutaways of the Action

Put a little variety in your video production by using closeups of the items, products or steps you are using. Even if you insert these later, it’s important to have a main camera continuously capturing a wide shot or the main shot of the presentation. It’s wise to use more than one camera to capture close ups and product shots that you can edit in later When editing, make sure all actions match, from the main shot to close ups.

6. Add Simple Graphics

Adding a simple graphic can make a big difference on the impact of your overall video. Something as simple as a title (an easy to read one) can tell the viewers what you are demonstrating and where to go for more information. It’s better to have an opening graphic and a closing graphic to better tie the video together. Make sure when adding graphics that you have them up long enough for viewers to read.

7. Add a Teaser at The End

People like if you have the ability to create a new video every week, especially if you have a set schedule of when you will release the next one. High quality video productions that are easy on the eyes, have great audio, are creative & fun to watch, have exceptional delivery of information, and a schedule, will only gain viewers. Adding a great teaser at the end of your video will only keep their interest. If you care about the quality of your work, you have goals set, and you have something to provide, people will care about your work too.

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