Breaking Down a Film Session Gone Wrong: 4 Things That Affected Success

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With their picturesque architecture and lush lawns, many college campuses are the perfect place to film part of an interview, commercial, or other Orlando video production. Film crews can choose from a variety of charming nooks and enticing open spaces, while casual passersby in the background can help add authenticity. In fact, a member of our team recently walked past a film production that was taking place on a college campus in another city. The shoot consisted of a cameraman, whom we’ll call “Jason” for the purposes of storytelling, as well as a woman interviewing a male colleague. As our team member walked past the shoot, however, he quickly noted several things that could potentially add up to a production disaster. Here are the four things he noticed that likely impacted the outcome of Jason’s production:


  1. Not Quite the Right Location


Jason and his two clients decided to film their interview in part of the main quad of a college campus. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong segment of the quad for the shoot. At the time of filming, there was a fitness class running small loops around that particular portion of the quad. If the team had taken this into consideration and moved a few feet to the south, their footage would have featured a few passing pedestrians in the far background. Instead, there were individual runners flying by regularly and repeatedly as filming took place just a few feet away.


  1. Unwelcome Weather Conditions with No Back-Up Plans


At the time of the production, it had been raining all morning and was still overcast. There are many reasons that some shoots cannot be rescheduled, so perhaps Jason simply had to get the footage that day. However, he still chose to film outdoors, in the late afternoon, and without any special equipment to help compensate for the lighting conditions. At the very least, Jason could have moved the shoot to another outdoor location. The spot he chose was overwhelmed by the light grey sky, with most of the available natural light blocked by a tall academic building.


  1. When the Background is All You Can See


In addition to the passing runners mentioned above, Jason did not take into account additional background factors. The color of the sky can unintentionally dominate any video production, whether the day is bright and blue or dark and grey. Much of the prominent grey sky overtook the background, and the male interviewee was wearing a light-colored shirt. Meanwhile, the main building in the background of the shot was also light-colored. Red brick or another material would help provide contrast and image stability. Likewise, wearing a slightly darker shirt would have helped the interviewee from blending in with his surroundings or appearing washed out.


  1. The Limitations of a Casual, One-Person Crew


Jason was the sole cameraman and production manager for the shoot we witnessed. He was likely a student videographer or possibly a freelance camera operator. Because of this, Jason had no additional assistants or equipment. The woman and man in front of the camera wore wireless microphones, but there were no indications that Jason would be able to account for traffic or wind noise. Also, he had no reflecting screens or lights to help capture or enhance whatever natural light was left that day. In contrast, choosing a professional, fully equipped Orlando production company for a shoot means having an experienced crew, top-of-the-line equipment, and superior editing skills at the ready.


For your next production, choose a team that will help make the right decisions for your shoot. Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, has experience filming in studios, in front of green screens, and outdoors in a variety of situations. We have the experience and expertise necessary to make your production a success no matter the circumstances. For a free production consultation, call us today at (877) 203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.