10 Reasons Your Video Production Wasn’t A Success, Part 1 of 2

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Does the following statement sound familiar? Despite the amount of time, money and other resources invested in your company’s latest video production, the results were only so-so. Perhaps it did not reach your target audience or something about the production turned viewers away. Either way, your company did not get the response or sales boost you wanted, a result that can be both frustrating and confusing. Video advertisements are a powerful marketing tool, but only if you and your Orlando video production crew can ensure the film project will be a success. Keep watching our blog for part 2, but for now here are five reasons your production may have missed the mark:


  1. Poor Audio Quality

When it comes to factors that can negatively affect a production, low-quality audio is one of the worst offenders. Potential problems include uneven audio levels, outdated crew equipment, poor-quality microphones, and unwelcome background noise. If you filmed outside, perhaps your crew did not take the proper steps to avoid picking up excess wind noise. For projects shot inside, background noise hazards include air conditioning and heating units, hallway traffic or chatter, and road noise.


Despite proper marketing, a video with low-quality audio will likely be immediately disregarded by the audience. Listen carefully to your most recent video production. If the audio is at all uneven or poor quality, this may be the distraction that kept your video from getting across its main message.


  1. Uneven Lighting

Like audio levels, poor-quality or uneven lighting levels may prompt a viewer to turn away, click to a new page, or mute the screen and focus on something else. A room’s ambient light might not bright enough to see figures clearly, and poorly set-up lighting equipment could cast unwanted shadows. In other cases, certain shots may be too bright, especially if your crew shot on location without the proper equipment to compensate. Finally, although shooting in a variety of locations typically requires different lighting, these levels must be evened out before used in a sequence of shots. Otherwise, there will be too much contrast between shots, creating a jarring effect.


  1. Confusing Storyline

Sometimes ideas sound great in person or on paper, but what if they do not translate well to the screen? Without proper brainstorming, script-writing, and storyboarding sessions, your production could be unsuccessful due to a weak storyline or inconsistent plot. It is undeniably possible to tell a compelling story within a 30- or 60-second spot advertisement, but only if the script was well thought-out and executed. Otherwise, you risk confusing your audience or leaving them with questions.


  1. Stilted Acting

As soon as your script is set, you can begin interviewing and hiring actors. Whether you choose to use company employees or hire professionals in the area, the quality of actors you use is essential to your production’s success. Advertisements that feel stilted or like a soap opera could result in a phony or false atmosphere. In addition, poor acting will not capture the attention of your audience or draw them into your core message. Viewers may also negatively perceive your company due to low-quality or stilted acting, which could tarnish your reputation. To keep your corporation’s positive image intact, hire professional actors and use everyday, natural language in the script.


  1. Jumpy Transitions

No surprise here: sudden, jumpy, and jarring transitions are another major distraction for viewers. If your audience cannot focus on the screen, they will not be able to zero in on your content. No matter how beautiful your production’s individual scenes might be, the transitions typically need to be seamless unless you are going for a particular effect). For the best results, you need experts working for you in post-production. They may use a combination of transitional shots, b-roll footage, voiceovers, and special effects to give you a professional, polished video.


Our full-service Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, will ensure your production is a success. With over 15 years of film experience, we know how to avoid the common problems that plague many other production sets. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us today at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.