Most video marketers want their production station to function as a canvas of sorts. The video footage they’ve collected is their color pallet, and when they sit down, they hope to combine those into a masterpiece.

Unfortunately, many marketers find themselves struggling to stay organized. Rather than a platform to produce masterpieces, their editing station ends up feeling like a bottomless pit where things get lost and ultimately projects fall apart.

Video Production & Editing Tips for Staying Organized

A well-organized project will almost always turn out better. When it comes to producing something great, keeping everything neat, organized, and on schedule is easy with just a few simple tips.

1.    Name & Color-Code Tracks

It’s easy to simply throw in a half-dozen or more tracks and try to keep them organized only by glancing at the content in them. However, the longer and more complex your project becomes, the easier it gets to make a mistake. What if you add an effect to the wrong track? Or lose an important piece of footage? Name your tracks in a way that helps you stay organized. For grouping purposes, many programs give users the ability to associate a color label with each track for better organization.

2.    Save in Subfolders & Make Backups

Video footage, audio tracks, stills, effects, overlays – there’s tons of media to manage when making a great video. Even saving these all in their root folders (videos, music, pictures, etc.) can make them hard to keep track of. Try to keep them all in subfolders named after the current project. Better yet, create a folder with the project’s name, and then create folders for each content type inside. Also, make backups of everything and store them either on the cloud or an external drive just in case of accidental data loss.

3.    Create a File with Workflows & Shortcuts

This one can help even the most seasoned video producer get projects out quicker. Create a file that contains the entire workflow of a project, as far as it is known at the beginning. Set a timeline and steps for gathering footage, editing, post-production, and any other steps that may need to be done. This file is also a good place to store things like keyboard shortcuts and handy workarounds applicable to the software and tools being used for the project.

Create a Better Video Production Project

Good housekeeping isn’t just to stop a work computer or editing station from getting messy. Good housekeeping helps video marketers produce better work. They’re more efficient, more focused, and more likely to get the results they want. Looking to make better videos? Enlist the help of a skilled Orlando video production company.

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