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From tantalizing pastries to custom cakes, a bakery has just about everything to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The baking industry is booming, with $311 billion in assets throughout the United States.  So, if a bakery wants to take a part of that and turn it into sweet, sweet revenue, they need to be more creative with their advertisements.

An Orlando video production company can help.

With high-quality videos used for marketing and promotions, a bakery business can attract those sugar-craving customers to their doors. They can highlight their most popular and even some of their lesser-known side services. From custom cake decorating to tasty treats, a video can highlight the delicious side of any bakery.

Video Ideas for the Budding Bakery Business

  1. Create a How-To Video

A tutorial video is not counterproductive; instead, it is a great advertising opportunity.

Showing the audience how to make a baked good might encourage them to buy that baked item instead of making it themselves. After all, it is much easier to buy something ready-to-eat than trying to make a complicated croissant or donut at home.

What a how-to video will do for a new business is highlight their expertise, and that is something every bakery wants to flaunt. Customers will also see you as a expert in your field, and they will come to treasure and respect your knowledge.

  1. Host and Video Record Events

Events help increase brand awareness and engagement. However, a bakery should get more out of their event than attendance—they should record and share that event’s highlights online. Hosting baking classes and events, then video recording them for promotions, is part of a well-rounded marketing strategy.

  1. Play on the Senses

In the video, a viewer cannot smell or taste, but they certainly can see. Therefore, use an Orlando video production company that has high-quality cameras and the ability to offer high-definition or 4K Ultra recordings. With more consumers using 4K-ready televisions and computer screens, they can see every granule of sugar, the buttery crust of a pie, and will almost taste what is on their screen.

This visual appeal to the senses is sure to send your customers running to your bakery for a delicious treat.

  1. Create a Real Identity

Today, brand recognition is about creating an identity that customers can relate to. Therefore, owners of bakeries should hire Orlando video professionals to help convey that message and highlight the story behind their bakery. Family owned? Perfect. Talk about the family aspect and what history is behind that local bakery.

When a bakery is ready to compete, they need to turn to an Orlando video production company that can deliver.


The team at NG Production Films can communicate efficiently and effectively produce high-quality video productions for your bakery. We have more than a decade of experience to create the next video production for your company. Call NG Production Films today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at 877-203-2895 or fill out an online contact form.