How to Choose the Right Video Production Company!

Many companies need a video production company to help produce their new campaign, corporate video or assistant with media planning and buying. But majority of them don’t know which Orlando Video Production Company to choose from. There are so many companies that offer video services throughout Florida and nationwide. Some companies are newbies from recent college grads and some companies have been around for many years with lots of reputation, quality of work, etc. I know you’re thinking right now, well tell me already. Below, I will discuss the 3 important things to look for when choosing the right video production company.

First, look at the company’s website and see if they have a demo reel. A demo reel is really important when choosing the right Orlando Video Production Company. You will be able to see a montage of all their work and clients within 1-2.5 minutes. Make sure they are not using copyrighted music of a song that you may have recently heard on the radio. That company is violating the copyright laws and they may not be the right choice when choosing. Within the demo reel, you should have a clear understanding of what that company can offer and maybe recognize a service or brand from one of their recent clients. Last, if you are able to watch the entire demo reel without being bored and clicking off within seconds because it had a song you disliked or wasn’t edited smoothly, then most likely you might be getting somewhere with that video production company.

Here is a Sample Demo Reel:

Second, educate yourself on the company’s website and notate how long they have been in business, the clients they have worked with, testimonials from recent and/or past clients and other samples of work that will convince you they are the right choice. By determining all these things will help and make you feel more comfortable that the video production company has what it takes to handle your project.
Lastly, we all think of budget when determining an Orlando Video Production Company. A lot of newbie companies (recent grads) can give you a significant discounted price because they are new and want to acquire more clients and probably don’t own their gear or limited to the amount of gear they own. Some newbie companies will check out gear from their universities and offer “high end” cameras and lights, but in reality it’s against the university rules and you don’t want to secure an important production and the gear gets confiscated either on or before the shoot. Companies that invest thousands, if not millions will provide you with the proper gear you need and if they own it all, you should save some dollars on your project because they don’t have to rent from a local rental house.

So remember these important details when choosing the right video production company. If you are looking for an Orlando video production company that is right for you, then NG Production Films is here to assist you with your next television campaign, media buying or corporate video production. We own hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of gear and employ full time, in-house team members to provide exceptional service on-time and on-budget. Contact us today with a no obligation, free consultation toll free at 877-203-2895.