Company culture is the set of beliefs, values, and behaviors that make up an organization’s identity. It’s what makes your company unique and is the foundation for how your employees interact with each other and with your customers. A strong company culture can give you a competitive advantage, improve employee retention and engagement, and make your company a great place to work.  

There are many ways to communicate your company culture to prospective employees, including company websites, brochures, employee handbooks, and testimonials from current/past employees. However, one of the most effective ways to portray this information is often overlooked, and that is through company culture video production.

The Benefits of Company Culture Video Production

A company culture video is a short film that captures the essence of an organization’s culture. These videos are usually between 2-5 minutes long and can be used for various purposes, such as recruiting, employer branding, employee onboarding, and training. 

Company culture videos offer a unique way to communicate your company’s values and culture to employees, prospective employees, and customers. They provide a behind-the-scenes look at your company and can help you attract top talent, improve employee retention, and build a strong brand.

In fact, studies show that approximately a third of potential recruits will turn down a job if they disapprove of a company’s culture. Meanwhile, if a company doesn’t make its culture clear and its values obvious, it could also risk losing customers to a competitor who clarifies that its company values align with their own. 

Company culture video production can help you create a positive impression on potential recruits and customers. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Builds brand loyalty 
  • Gives outsiders an inside look at the day-to-day life of a company and its employees
  • Helps to spread brand awareness
  • Humanizes a brand
  • Improves recruiting results 
  • Increasing team morale

Of course, these are only a handful of benefits of investing in company culture video production. Whether you film in-house or work with a professional video production company, it’s essential to understand the steps to creating a successful company culture video. 

How to Create a Successful Company Culture Video

A company culture video should be an authentic portrayal of your company as a whole, as well as its beliefs and values. It should give viewers a complete inside look at your company. To create a successful company culture video, follow these steps:

1. Plan Your Video Out Carefully

All video production projects should begin with a solid plan in place. It’s no different when it comes down to company culture video production. A company culture video should accurately portray your company’s values and culture. It should be authentic and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. To create a successful company culture video, you’ll want to plan out the following:

  • Your video objectives 
  • Choose a suitable format 
  • Find the right location 
  • Determine the right length
  • Who to feature in the video

Taking the time to plan out the many aspects of your video will pay off in the long run by ensuring that your video is accurate, stays on track, and is on budget. 

2. Do Your Homework

Planning your video is only the first step needed before you begin production. You also have to take the time to do your homework. That means taking the time to do some important research into your audience, their needs, and even your competition. 

Usually, your company culture videos will be used as part of the recruitment and hiring process. These videos can be used in several ways, but the most common uses are to attract new talent and to retain current talent. In these instances, your audience comprises potential and current employees. That means you want to speak directly to their needs.

When you’re using your company culture videos to build brand awareness and loyalty, your audience becomes your ideal customers and clients. Their needs will be very different from your employees, so you need to take a different approach. 

3. Carefully Consider the Message You Want to Send

Depending on who your audience is, you want to take the time to consider what your video’s message should convey. The message you send to viewers should align with your company’s overall goals and objectives. Additionally, you want to ensure that the video communicates your company’s values and vision to the right audience. 

Viewers are more likely to lose interest if your message is unclear. All it takes is a clear message from your competitors to sway viewers’ attention. So, take your time crafting a message that truly resonates with your intended audience. 

4. Create a Script or Storyboard to Guide Your Video

A script or storyboard will help keep your company culture video on track and budget by ensuring that everyone involved knows what needs to be accomplished. This will also help avoid any costly mistakes that could impact the video’s quality. Scripts and storyboards don’t have to be elaborate. They need to capture the essential elements of your company culture and communicate them effectively to your team. 

5. Invest in the Right Tools and Crew

Finally, you want to make sure you’re investing in the right tools and crew to get the job done right. Sure, some brands have a big enough budget to do all their video production in-house. However, investing in a professional video production company may be worth your while.

Many video production companies offer flexible services and crews to meet each client’s individual needs. That means they are more than likely to have an option within your budget, but that doesn’t sacrifice video quality.  

Work with One of Orlando’s Best Video Production Companies to Create the Best Videos for Your Organization

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