Creating a Multi-Camera Orlando Video Production

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What is the difference between a single camera production and a multi-camera production? Why would you choose one over the other? Well, a multi-camera setup is often used for recording special events such as concerts, plays, shows, or live television. It is beneficial to use multiple cameras in an environment where something needs to be continuously shot. Having various angles and shots keeps the production aesthetically pleasing and interesting, as opposed to just having one camera continuously shooting a performance.

In post-production you can cut the shots to the appropriate rhythm, color correct (so that the cameras all match), or cut out some unusable shots (shaky camera or blurry shots) and choose which shots on look the best. Editing to a beat can make a final product visually more interesting, appealing, easier to follow, makes the video flow well, and gives the editor a general guideline and rhythm to edit to. Often times this is used in news when anchors say key words; the shots will switch to the appropriate shot at the right time. Having multiple cameras makes things easier, more efficient and helps quicken the editing process. If all the cameras are synced, it’s easy to switch back and forth so that the video is continuous and matches throughout.

Here are a few steps on how to get started on a Multi-Camera Production:

1. Get at least 3 cameras, the appropriate number of tripods, back-up batteries, SD cards (or tapes if you are using tape), gaffers tape, headphones and a sheet of white paper.

2. Set up each camera on opposite sides to get the best shots possible. If you are using three cameras, set up the cameras on each side of the room in a sort of triangle. Left, right and center. (Always make sure the cameras are set up on the same side of the action. In a multi-camera Orlando video production, there is a rule called the 180-degree rule. If you cross the 180 degree mark, viewers will become confused when the shots flip and the point of view is switched to the opposite direction.)

3. Insert SD cards and battery

4. Take a sheet of paper and have someone hold it where you will be shooting video (to white balance all the cameras to match)

5. Have all the cameras zoom in on the sheet of paper and white balance

6. Mic one camera to use as the official audio (make sure you have good audio levels and that you have both a left and a right channel facing the appropriate sides of the stage, show or event) and make sure to tape down the cables for the safety of others. Have the camera mic on for the other two cameras (as back-up).

7. When the audio, lighting, and set up is done get ready to record. Have a clapper on hand so that when you are in post-production it’s easier to edit (it’s easier to find the mark so that the clips can be aligned).

8. Record!

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