Sometimes, to get the right video content, a person must leave the studio.

Natural landscapes, be they nature in the truest sense or people enjoying life as normal, are great for videos. They make the content more organic and relatable. While there are benefits to these types of outdoor shoots, there are also a few additional worries to consider.

For anyone planning an Orlando video production project where some of the footage will be shot outside, here are some common do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

Things to Remember for Outdoor Video Production Projects 🤔

The outdoor scene is helpful for capturing certain shots, and a certain feel in your videos. The only added concern that comes with it is the problems presented by outdoor shoots. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember.

Do: Check the Area Ahead of Time ✔️

The area where footage will be shot needs to be scouted and determined so appropriate considerations can be made. For example, if a person is shooting in a public area, they may need permits or special permission from the surrounding organizations. They should also keep a close eye on the weather forecast. Finally, see if the location’s listing talks about peak hours, and use that data to choose a time.

Do: Plan for the Unexpected ✔️

Just because a person has put a plan in place, doesn’t mean everything will go in accordance with it. What happens if the weather forecast failed to anticipate a fast-moving storm that came into the area quickly? Plan ahead by bringing protective covers for the equipment. The same could be said about an area that is usually quiet. If it is unusually loud that day, maybe have a backup location planned.

Don’t: Neglect the Value of Post-Production ❌

When a video is recorded outside, expect a little more production work to be done. Editing out background content in the video or audio feed may take a little more time if the video was shot outdoors. For those companies that have their production cycle on a schedule, consider doubling production time for outdoor videos.

Don’t: Worry About Mixing in Indoor Footage ❌

Some people who record footage outside may think the feel is spoiled if the video goes indoors at any point. Sure, some videos are better suited with the vast majority of their footage being based outdoors. However, don’t worry about mixing footage in from indoors. A good balance can be helpful, and can even make the overall presentation better.

Bring in the Professionals to Help

Anyone who is working on an Orlando video production project involving outdoor shooting may need to bring in the professionals. From gathering footage to editing it, the pros can help manage the entire project.

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