Electronic News-Gathering

Film in news gathering basically disappeared by the end of the 1980’s, when the distribution of news was easier to broadcast via satellites. When breaking news coverage and hot stories became a riveting addition to cable television, film couldn’t keep up with getting the word out in time.  Film needs to be processed, viewed, and edited before it can hit the airwaves routed towards our TVs.  This left the opportunity wide open for advancements in ENG technology.

Since the time of film news gathering, technology has evolved drastically, moving into fields such as SNG (satellite news gathering) and DSNG (digital satellite news gathering).  ENG is typically facilitated by specially-modified news trucks and vans (which we’ve all probably seen before, especially in downtown Orlando a few months ago), fixated with a tall mast that is able to project microwaves to geostationary communications satellites.  These signals are in turn gathered by networks and local stations to allow them to broadcast them to what we see on television.

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is!  Now, with the recent introduction of high definition (HD), technology for this process has to be as sophisticated as possible.  The mobile industry has gone great lengths to improve communication networks, and this has directly affected the development of ENG.  ENG systems are being completely run by compact computers, laptops, and portable devices, opposed to traditionally bulks ones.

ENG is the hands down best method for broadcasting a live event in Orlando.  It doesn’t have to be a news story-it can be a sporting event, political speech, or even a special promotion.  NG Production Films is an experienced Orlando video production company that offers professional ENG services.  Contact us today for a productive consultation about your next project.  Call 877-203-2865.