Websites have to compete for users in a crowded digital landscape.

This makes it even more complicated to try and excel with a business website. Not only does it have to get a user’s attention and keep it, it has to help them move through the sales funnel.

While many companies use videos on their social media pages or email newsletters, they sometimes neglect to use this popular media type on all pages of their website. Though some may view too many videos as overkill, and this can be true in some cases, videos can be created to work on all parts of a business site.

Orlando video production experts can help companies create effective video content whether it’s for a homepage, an FAQ section, or even a contact form.

Make Home Pages and Product Descriptions More Inviting

Businesses in the digital age are likely well aware that having too much promotion is sometimes as bad as not having enough.

Overtly salesy presentations can often put a user off, making them feel like the awkward customer being crowded by pushy sales staff looking to make their next commission check. But Orlando camera crews and editing specialists can help create videos to introduce a company rather than promote it.

A “meet the staff” or “tour the facility” video on a homepage can be a great way to make a stranger feel more like a guest, which in turn makes it easier for them to reach out and learn more. The same can be said of product descriptions and other similar sales pages.

Rather than simply listing the specs or writing copy about the product, a video can be used to show the viewer how it could help them.  This is often much more effective and can even answer a prospective customer’s question before they have to ask.

Using Orlando Video Production on About Us and Contact Pages

When a person is looking to find out more about a company on the “About Us” page or anything similar, videos can help a business pack a lot of information into a short presentation.

This helps introduce individuals to the company and its team without forcing them to read through blocks of text that could make them lose interest. Contact pages can also be an important part of the site for turning viewers into leads and leads into customers.

Using videos can provide that final bit of convincing many people need before they will reach out. Hiring an Orlando video production company can help any business transform their site with high-quality media.

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