Five Video Production Factors Your Camera Crew Can Help You Control

When it comes to your next video project, a lot of visual and aural information is on display in the course of just a few seconds or minutes. Your audience will be aware any sudden changes to the background, audio levels, lighting, and more. It is important to control and streamline your shoot as much as possible to produce a smooth, professional product. Here are five factors that your experienced video production crew can help you control:

The image of video camera under the tripod

1. Location

As much as you prefer your audience to focus only on your message or brand name, they will also be aware of the locations you choose to feature in your Orlando video production. Filming at a desk may show a serious side, while pick-up interviews on the street may be too casual for your company. Similarly, consider whether you want to include a video tour of your facilities or highlight new technologies and equipment. In essence, think about the atmosphere you want to create and film accordingly. Your video production team can help you create a specific atmosphere by controlling various physical factors such as background traffic and shot compositions while picking up on and adjusting to changes to the weather or sunlight.

2. Background noise or distractions

Sit quietly for a moment and pick up on all of the various sounds that you can hear. Listen for hallway traffic, heating or cooling systems, people talking or laughing, paperwork being shuffled, car traffic and coughing or shuffling in seats. As much as possible, you want to control or block out these potential distractions before filming. An experienced video production crew will know how handle the noise levels and can suggest solutions for any situation.

3. Lighting

Large, oversized windows or window walls offer breathtaking views, but they can be hard to film near or against because of backlighting. This creates a dim foreground, darkening the facial features of anyone being filmed or interviewed. A room full of fluorescent lights can also wreck havoc on natural features, just as much as weather can affect outdoor shoots. Thankfully, your camera crew can control the lighting of each shot, matching the temperature and brightness for a single interview as well as a montage. Be sure to hire a crew who uses the latest technology, such as warm LED lights.

4. Audio levels

Like lighting, poor or differing audio levels can pose a huge problem. You may have collected a stunning customer testimonial or staff member interview, but is it clear and audible? You will want a dedicated sound technician on your crew, someone who can set up wireless mics, operate a boom, and help you record high-quality audio in multiple settings.

5. Personnel

Whom should you include in your Orlando video production? Do you want to showcase upper-level staff, real customers, a conference room full of workers, or a lobby full of guests? In addition, how does your script or storyboard come into play? Will you hire a narrator or professional extras, or handle all audio yourself? Your camera crew can assist you by pinpointing the best on-camera personalities and drawing good quotes out of almost anyone. Collaborate with your video production team for ideas, and then let them handle the details along the way.

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