Five Ways To Prepare For Your Commercial Video Production

Whether you’ve learned it the hard way or it’s been engrained into your way of thinking since childhood (thanks to your mother’s resounding guidance), it’s really true that preparedness is critical to success, right?

Well, NG Production Films in Orlando, Florida is ready to make your project a success on a number of different levels. And maybe you’re wondering, just what are some key ways to prepare for your important upcoming shoot?

Here are just a few things that might be good to nail down with your Orlando video production company and crew prior to the start of a big project.

1)      Point of contact & location of Shoot – Location, location, location! When it comes to the look, feel, cultural and social flavor and background you want portrayed in your video, location really is everything. Also, having a contact person to oversee things in general is always a good idea.

2)      Shot List – Once the location site is set, some additional planning might be in order. By scouting out various shooting sites at your chosen location and setting a plan that’s readily known and available to your crew, you will save a lot of time in the long run.

3)      Production Calendar & Schedule – No matter how much time you might have spent preparing, there are always deadlines to adhere to, right? And there will always be complications, however; sticking to the production calendar/schedule is crucial. This should be planned in advance of the shoot(s).

4)       Talent for production – After the storyboards and scripts are all competed, the time has come to search for your talent. Maybe you have some regulars you work with, maybe you have casting connections, or perhaps you’re using an agency. No matter how you’re selecting your talent, this is one of the most important aspects of the preparation process.

5)      Travel Accommodations (if necessary) – After determining the site of the shoot, and the number of staff/assistants/talent needed, travel accommodations might be in order. If you are doing everything locally, obviously you may not need them. If you are traveling out of town, then there might be several things to consider. Do you want a hotel, or maybe a house or condo? After determining the length of time you’ll be on site, and the number of people involved, then you can better determine your needed accommodations.

Taking all these things into consideration, why not reap the benefits of a local Orlando video production company, right here in Orlando, Florida! At NG Production Films, we know the ins and outs of video production and we have what it takes to make your project successful. From the earliest planning stages right on through to final production and editing, At NG Production Films, we can help you meet your final goals with professionalism, and while having fun in the process. So check out our portfolio of work online, and then give us a call at 877-203-2895 and see for yourself, how NG Production Films can assist you.