Open house events are still a big deal in the real estate industry. When there’s a hot house on the market, these events help sellers answer lots of questions and connect with plenty of potential tenants.

While there’s nothing like seeing the house in person, videos can be a great way to show what these spaces have to offer and get those curious holdouts to schedule an in-person tour.

Orlando video production can be a great way to do a virtual open house, providing content creators know the right tips to make it a success.

3 Ways to Make a Video Open-House Project

The concept of an open house is that the unit feels open and inviting, and those attending can get all their questions answered. Here’s how to apply the same approach through video.

1.    Pick a Knowledgeable Narrator

If a video uses a narrator, make sure they have that finesse that real estate agents possess when making a presentation. They know how to sell the finer points of the house and accentuate its strengths. They also speak in a confident, concise way without uncertainty or giving too much detail.

There’s nothing that says the narrator has to be on screen – leaving them off actually provides more of a focus on the house itself. However, some people prefer seeing the person who is doing the talking. This is especially true if they’ll be contacting that person later.

2.    List Important Facts in Bullet Points

Another common part of the open house is the segment where questions are answered. While videos don’t have an interactive element for back-and-forth dialogue, besides in the comments, captions can help.

Use bullet points or captions at the bottom part of the screen to highlight important points. These could include rent prices, the term of lease, pet policy, HVAC set up, utilities included, and parking arrangements. 

3.    Don’t Forget to Plan the Release

Videos and open houses have one thing in common – they’re both usually planned in advance. Content creators know that releasing their offerings at the optimal time is important for maximizing views. Research shows Sunday before noon to be the time when people search for houses.

If content creators release videos during this window, they can be likely to get some traffic which could turn into leads.

Improve Real Estate Orlando Video Production Projects

The real estate industry can be tricky, especially when it comes to translating things like open houses to their virtual versions.

With the help of a skilled Orlando video production team, anyone can improve their chances of nailing the open house video and bringing in viewers to join in on the real thing.

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