Getting Your Message Across in a 15 Second Spot

Nowadays, consumers are constantly barraged by advertisements at the speed of light.  Literally.  Whether its a TV commercial, pieces of junk mail, pop-ups, or internet ads, the amount of advertisements we’re subjected to is mind-boggling.  Since it is human nature to adapt to these “environments”, we’ve also learned how to tune them out after a while.  That’s why it is more important than ever to find a unique and creative approach to sending our message.  One of the most effective ways to do it can be a 15 second spot.

Traditionally, 30 second spots were used as the standard television marketing tool.  With the introduction of Tivo, DVR, and NetFlix, the necessity of watching television advertisements nearly evaporated.  Online advertisements are still relevant, but users can navigate from the ad with ease while on a computer.  If a person knows they’re going to endure a 15 second video instead of a 30 second one, they are more liking to stick through it, possibly adopting the message being expressed.

15 second spots are generally less costly and can get directly to the point.  With consumers’ ever-fleeting span of attention, the entirety of the message is more likely to be digested.
The message itself may be more engaging spoken or visualized.  Depending on the product, service, or just information being delivered, an audio-driven medium may work better that a visual-driven one, or vice versa.  Production companies, such as video production companies in Orlando, always try to find groundbreaking ways of filming spots. Audio messages don’t require your complete viewing engagement, while visual messages are more likely to leave a longer impact.

15 second spots are also easy to put into media time slots and place as advertisements whether it’s in a smart phone application or an introduction to a YouTube video.  If you need a company that can professionally create your next 15 second spot that will have a memorable impact on its viewers, choose us at NG Production Films of Orlando. Contact us today at 877-203-2895.