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As a business owner, you know how valuable video marketing can be for both commercial television and online use. However, there are also many reasons to capture audio alone, including to:

  • Produce a professional podcast or podcast series
  • Overlay audio onto a new or existing video
  • Upload and easily share audio-only files
  • Archive a speech or presentation for future reference


No matter how your company intends to use the file, this is not the time to rely on a smartphone app or a friend’s recording device. Here are several reasons to hire an Orlando video production company to capture your audio-only event or recording session.


Even Audio Levels


As people speak, their intonation and volume change. Recording engineers will work to keep an audio file within a certain level to avoid sudden, dramatic drops or increases in volume. They will also find the ideal microphone placement for each session, which is critical when it comes to getting a clean take. The microphone should be close enough to pick up clear diction, but far enough away from the speaker to prevent amplifying his or her breaths or heavy consonants.


Easy to Edit


The ability to even out audio levels means that the sound technician can also splice together different takes or segments as needed. Since the file is audio and not video, it will be much easier to produce a completely seamless take. This gives you the chance to edit in different takes or reorder segments after the fact. Plus, with a professional on your side there is plenty of room to add polish. The end result should be crystal-clear and easy to understand but still warm and natural sounding.


Reduce Ambient Noise


Sound is all around us, including the buzz of overhead lights, the hum of heater units, and the traffic noise of nearby cars or pedestrians. Simple recording devices are not so discerning as to work around these sounds, but an Orlando video production crew is. For example, you can hire a sound technician equipped with wireless microphones and boom for a half-day or a full day of recording. Whether you are recording in an office building or are capturing quick interviews out on the street, your crew will be ready. Let them handle the set-up and technical details to ensure clean takes, every time.


Experience and Trust


Working with a professional production company gives you a certain amount of trust and quality control that you may not find elsewhere. Your crew member will be trained and experienced in both electronic news gathering (ENG) and pro audio, with high-end equipment and technical expertise.


Although we are best known for our Orlando video production services, NG Production Films also hires out audio-only crews for full or half-days. Imagine the possibilities of an audio-only session, from recording a professional podcast to capturing customer testimonials. To learn more, call our crew today at (877) 203-2895 or fill out our online form to get started. We look forward to working with you!