How Custom Videos Can Improve Your Company’s Website

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Is your company’s website devoid of video content? Regardless of whether you are a pro at developing commercials or posting videos across social media, your company should not overlook its own website. There are countless ways to add videos to a corporate site, and each way has a myriad of benefits. Scroll down to learn more about how Orlando video productions can improve your company’s website.


Add Visual Interest


Simply put, graphics, photographs, and videos are highly engaging. Although website-building templates are extremely convenient, they may not be memorable to visitors. Having video content is both visually stimulating and can help set apart your company from its competitors. If you opt for a website design template, add some visual interest with videos to break up pages of text or to draw focus to a particular point on a page. Many people are visual learners and will appreciate the opportunity to learn more by watching rather than only reading information.


Convert Leads


There are several ways that hosting video content on your website can help your company convert leads. This includes:


  • Customer Testimonials: Do you have a few customers willing to share their experiences on camera? Interview a handful of individuals and stitch together a short testimonials video. Many consumers will hesitate to purchase a product or call for services from a company they have never used. Instead, they will first look for reviews of some kind. Video reviews are ideal because the responses often feel more genuine and sincere in person rather than in print.
  • Product Demonstrations: Similarly, web visitors may find a featured product on your website. Companies typically list the product name and price along with a few paragraphs of information, but this may not be enough for a new customer to convert. Instead, entice videos with a short product demonstration. As a bonus, videos are a great way to communicate complex information that may not be understood in prose. Use an employee or seasoned actor to highlight the product’s features and show off its capabilities. You may want to overlay some specifications on the screen or include them in a bullet-point list below or next to the video.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Look: Giving consumers a sneak peek behind the scenes in a video is one of the best ways to help humanize your brand. Include employee interactions, walk through the facilities, showcase new equipment, and make it clear to consumers why your company exists and how it can benefit them. Do not be afraid to show personality and emotion, as doing so will also help your business stand out.


Build Instant Rapport


Many companies assume that their Orlando video productions must be commercials or infomercials. Instead, use this opportunity to curate content without being overtly salesy. Does your corporate website have an “about us” page? Rather than relying on static photos, include a short video clip that introduces each team member in a dynamic way. You can still list photos and biographies below, but after highlighting your employees in a more personal way. Alternatively or in addition to this idea, consider creating a short “welcome” video for the site’s homepage. Like producing a behind-the-scenes video as mentioned above, a video that greets web visitors is a greeting that can help humanize and personalize your brand. At the same time, the clip should let customers know what you offer and why they should choose your business.


Blog About It


If your company website does not already include a blog, consider adding one. Blogs can boost search engine ratings, increase click-through rates, and improve consumer engagement. Including video content to your blog on a semi-regular basis can help break up the posts and help reach your audience in a different way. Plus, a blog is a great way to share information about past or upcoming corporate events. To enhance those posts, include a teaser trailer to boost attendance or share footage from a live event after the fact.


Are you ready to add custom videos to your company’s website? Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, has over 15 years of filmmaking experience. Whether you want to include highlights from a live event, showcase a new product or share a personal customer experience, we have you covered. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.