In many videos, the voiceover is a centerpiece that holds the entire presentation together.

The narrator who guides the user through the presentation can keep them engaged, provide valuable insight, and even contribute to the entertainment factor a video offers.

However, some people wonder whether the narrator should be on screen – and if so, for how long?

This blog will cover which Orlando video production projects should see the leading voice get more face time in the project, and which ones should have their appearance used sparingly.

Use Less Screen Time for Promotional Video Production

For those who are making promotional videos, the bulk of the imagery should be about the product or service itself.

Yes, it is good to have some narration and some screen time for the narrator could be appropriate. However, promotional videos should spend a lot of time on the product. Show it up close, from different angles, and most importantly, in action.

If the topic is about a service, show the service being performed and before-and-after shots of the effects. If the person doing the narration is one of the people who performs the service, they could be shown performing the service as they narrate. It’s an effective way to keep the video focused while showing the narrator to the audience.

What about those videos that are more instructional in nature?

Balance Narration with Performance in Instructional Videos

Videos which are designed to instruct and educate a person can be a little trickier to plan out. In some ways, it is good to have the narrator on screen. It gives the feel that a teacher or professor is actually instructing the viewer, just as they would in a classroom.

It is good to balance their appearance with the subject matter. Whether a person is showing how to do something or they’re simply pointing to information on a board, the subject matter and narrator should receive equal screen time.

These videos can be much more balanced, especially since there is a good chance the narrator and the subject matter can be shown alongside one another. For example, they can be shown referencing a board, or performing the task they’re explaining.

Planning and Recording with Orlando Video Experts

Keeping the narrator on the screen for the right amount of time can be a difficult challenge to master. The trick is planning out the video properly, and recording it in such a way there is the appropriate balance. In order to make these processes easier, consider enlisting the help of an Orlando video production company.

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