How to Avoid Accidentally Going Over Budget

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Are you nervous about the cost of your business’s upcoming video production? Perhaps you are not sure what your company can afford or have had a bad experience with budgeting in the past. Thankfully, this guide is here to help. Follow these tips to help keep your Orlando corporate video production within budget:


Be Honest About Your Budget


Both small businesses and larger corporations can benefit from running a commercial or filming a live event, but the comparative budgets may be very different. Talk to your accounting team and marketing department to see what kind of production you can afford. If possible, see if any cash flow can be redirected toward the project from another area. Production considerations include location, actors, length, and media placement.


If you are still worried about price, keep in mind that video productions are an investment. In most cases, a production’s benefits far outweigh the up-front cost. Ways to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) for a film project include having:

  • High-quality audio and visuals
  • Compelling content with a well-defined call to action
  • A strong script with solid delivery
  • Clear sense of the intended audience or niche market
  • Effective, targeted marketing


It is especially important that your video is marketed in the right places and to the right people. Otherwise, you will advertising dollars and gain very little.


Coordinate with Your Crew


After discussing your budgetary options in-house, consult with your chosen camera crew. Be frank about any limitations, and work with them to organize your budget through every step of the production process. Establish room for flexibility if possible, and be sure to ask questions or for clarifications as needed.


Ask About Add-Ons


How long has it been since your last production? There may be new options, features, or add-ons available. While talking to the filmmaking crew, ask about any recent upgrades or recommendations. You may not know what options are available until you ask.


Scout Out Free Locations


You can also ask your camera crew, as well as friends and family members, for suggested or free production locations. There are plenty of film-worthy locations throughout the Orlando area, so consider filming outdoors or in another area if you do not want to shoot in-office. Another option is asking about studio pricing through your video production company. Filming in a studio can help save money simply because the crew will not have to transport lights, cameras, and other equipment.


If you decide to film on location, however, try to limit the number of scene or location changes. The labor involved in tearing down and setting up can cost a lot in terms of time and money. Finally, be sure to obtain any necessary permits ahead of time. This will help avoid any fines or fees associated with unauthorized filming.


Set the Script and Call Sheet


The day of filming should be extremely organized. Flexibility is important, but having a set schedule is what will keep your production on time and on budget. Plus, any on-set changes or reshoots can be extremely costly. Your crew can help you develop a clear focus while guiding you through the pre-production process of brainstorming, storyboarding, and developing a call sheet.


Be Careful Around the Equipment


This tip may seem obvious, but it is worth keeping in mind. Use caution while on set to avoid causing any damage to your crew’s valuable equipment. Watch out for wires and cords, and keep food and drink out of the area if requested. Wanting to help move or set up equipment is admirable, but it is best to let the camera crew handle everything from filters to C47s (clothespins!).


Utilize the Production Crew’s Marketing Team


Some video production companies offer marketing assistance. For example, media buying is the process of finding the best price and placement for a cable or broadcast television commercial. A production company knows how to navigate the local market and can help negotiate a better rate and time. Also, letting your crew assist with marketing, means that they can help design the entire production with marketing in mind. This could include adjusting the conversational tone of the script, hiring the right actors, and adding in effects or graphics as needed.


Our Orlando corporate video production company, NG Production Films, will work closely with your business to ensure your project occurs on time and on budget. We have over fifteen years of filmmaking experience, ranging from commercials to live corporate events and more. To get started, call us at (877) 203-2895 or fill out our online contact form for more information or a free consultation.