Nothing makes people more aware of background noise than when they’re trying to record.

When a video marketer prepares to record footage, especially with commentary, they may soon find out the mic is picking up more than just their voice.

Hissing electronics, clicking lips, and next-door chatter can all be very distracting. Luckily, it doesn’t take an audio engineer to remove some basic noise from any track.

Upgrade Hardware to Control Noise During Recordings

Arguably the best way to stop unwanted noise from creeping into recordings is to stop it at the source. A dynamic mic can help, especially for those who are recording voice-overs only.

The key benefit of removing background noise is the audio sounds crisper and more focused. Dynamic mics aren’t just useful for getting rid of unpleasant sounds – they’re also helpful for picking up various frequencies, making them great for recording all vocal ranges.

For those who do field recordings or simply prefer to rely on mic/camera combinations, dynamic options with noise-canceling technology are also available.

Use Accessories for the Recording and Production Phases

Background noise isn’t always external as mics can pick up some unpleasant aspects of the human voice. This includes a thumping sound of “p’s” and “b’s,” or a hissing sound after an “s.”

For the thumps, a simple pop filter can do the trick. It can also cut back on the clicks and clacks that occur when the user opens their mouth to speak. For taking out these sounds in post-production, try using an EQ. A basic high and low pass can be effective – it can also take out the low rumble or high hiss of electronic equipment.

For a more specific vocal EQ technique, start curving the frequency down at around the 6k range, or even closer to 2k for a bass-filled sound with fewer harmonics. If the audio sounds “empty” without any noise, a gate allows some noise to create a more natural sounding result.

Record in a Special Room or an Isolated Location

If the bulk of the bad noise comes from the background, planning ahead is the only way to address it.

For those who are simply recording voice-overs, a dedicated booth complete with sound-proofing foam is the ideal location. If that’s not available, a closet with thick blankets pinned to the walls can be almost as effective.

Some videos are best recorded outside, with the chatter of passing people and the sounds of nature making things sound more organic. Contact property owners to ask about renting locations for private recordings, though be aware there could be a waiting period for approval.

Call an Orlando Video Production Expert

Video marketers are sometimes required to wear many hats – recorder, voice-over commentator, and sound engineer.

For those who feel the idea of doing everything alone is overwhelming, it helps to call in the professionals. A skilled Orlando video production company can make sure every audio track in the video sounds professional and polished before it’s put out to the masses.

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