The new year is here, and every organization knows it’s important to start strong.

Nothing will make a webpage spring to life or stop a scrolling social feed like a professionally made video production project.

But the flash without the flare is like the sizzle without the steak. Quality matters, but so does an appropriate topic that helps the business achieve its goals.

Top 3 Video Production Ideas to Start the New Year Strong

Here are a few strategies for using video production in 2021 to help the business meet its goals and capture the feeling of freshness a new year brings.

1. Introduce (or Reintroduce) the Brand

Luckily a new year doesn’t mean knowledge from previous years is lost. But it’s a good time to refresh.

New year videos can focus on sending out a new year greeting. For those who know of the brand without actually knowing it, this is a helpful way to get them caught up.

For existing customers, it’s a helpful reminder. Branding is proven to create emotional ties that keep customers connected whether they’re new or not.

The video can simply talk about the company’s history, goals, and culture – preferably with some video footage of the facility, team, and products or past work.

2. Get in on the Resolution Craze

It’s been previously discussed how video marketers may have their own resolutions[JS1] .

However, companies can also use this strategy. It can be thought of as an extension of the brand itself.

Resolutions are often about self-improvement, so pick a goal the company will aspire to, such as listening to customer feedback or continuing to adapt to changes after an unpredictable 2020.

Simple videos can be made to update about the progress of resolutions in the proceeding days and weeks, while also asking viewers how their own resolutions are going.

These videos don’t need commentary, but can still echo the brand’s voice with the right strategy.

3. Offer a Special New Year’s Promotion

If there’s one way videos can draw ROI, it’s by attracting lead-heavy traffic. Almost no video will get people clicking faster in the new year than a new deal.

It’s a time when people are hoping to spend those gift cards and bonus checks, so businesses can get creative with the promotions they offer. Three common options include:

  • New Products: Offer a discount on newer products and services to match the new year.
  • New Customers: Provide a reward for new sign-ups or even new referrals.
  • New Content: Use the new year to promote blogs, newsletters, or other recurring content.

From new emails to new sales, there are various ways to go with a new year’s promotion. Announcing it through video gets the audience excited to follow along.

Not into promotions? Try discussions. Even regular posts asking how the holidays were can get the audience talking and engaging with the brand.

Connect with Orlando Video Production Experts

Every video marketer may see the new year as a new opportunity, but how do they take advantage?

Bringing in a skilled Orlando video production company can help anyone master video marketing for 2021. Don’t just make it a resolution – turn video into a regular ROI tool starting this year.

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