How to Make an Instructional Video

Instructional videos are some of the most popular and often viewed videos on the web. How-to videos help bring your ideas to life and can make things a thousand times easier when you’re looking for a quick guide to building, cooking, or nearly anything else! Producing a simple how-to video doesn’t have to be painstaking, but there are a few tips to follow if you’re interested in creating an Orlando video production of your own.

Create a script of dialogue that you will want to say. This gives you an outline of each and every step to follow when you’re standing in front of the camera. Although instructional videos are typically edited, some video may also be shot in one take. Either way, have a plan that can be easily followed by you and your audience.

How-to videos often have close-ups, zooms, and different angles or viewpoints to help the audience feel like they are a part of the process. It’s much easier to keep a viewer’s interest when they are shown step by step every detail of a process. Again, creating a script or storyboard can also help you determine camera angles and viewpoints for the optimal use of time.

Make sure your voice is audible enough for the viewers to understand each step and to keep your attention. Don’t forget to also have adequate lighting so you and your audience can actually see what you’re doing!

Hire an Orlando video production crew for the best results. They can help you properly light your film, and create the highest quality sound and video. If you are looking for a more professional video, this is also a better alternative to a handicam or webcam. Professional film production companies can also help you perfect your script and direct you in the most efficient manner to creating your instructional video.

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