There’s never a bad time to invest time in video marketing.

However, there’s something symbolic about making a big decision like this as the year changes.

It’s a new slate. A fresh start. A chance to take video production projects to new heights, both in their level of quality and their results.

While a new positive habit can take anywhere between 2 and 4 months to form, that should put resolutioners on track to see some results by the end of the first quarter.

Heading into 2021, there are many goals that video departments may have.

Here are some of the common video production new year’s resolutions and how to achieve them.

Release More Videos Regularly

“In 2021, I pledge to put out more videos than last year.”

The best way to keep this resolution is twofold. The first step is to understand the planning process.

It all starts with a purpose – what is this video aiming to do? When videos are pushed out with purpose behind them, rather than just to fill a playlist, they’re much more likely to be well received.

This also helps video marketers avoid the quantity over quality trap. Upload frequency is important, but not at the expense of substance.

For companies that have only produced a couple videos a month in 2020 or years prior, take a gradual approach. Try to bump it up to a couple videos per week.

Get More Views and Build an Audience

“In 2021, I swear to produce content that goes viral and racks up millions of views.”

While this is a good goal, it’s important to understand that it rarely happens with one video. Yes, viral sensations are real, but the most beneficial videos are parts of a series, from brands that upload regularly.

Another way to rack up views? Be original.

While it’s difficult to create a one-of-a-kind video, creators can stand out with their content quality, brand voice, and the subject matter they discuss.

Don’t forget to encourage viewers to hit subscribe, follow, or sign-up to build the audience. The bigger the base, the easier it is to get views.

Pursue Leads and Turn Them into Customers

“In 2021, I want to drive conversions with video marketing.”

Conversions often mean sales, and sales are about persuasion. The key to making videos convert is to build the script, imagery, and strategy around the sales goal.

Gearing the video toward buyer profiles helps, as does outsourcing work to the experts.

If the task is outsourced by a video marketer or video department, make sure the expert takes time to know the company.

The video doesn’t always have to scream “buy this,” either. Sometimes, using how-to, setup, or product support videos can help drive conversions indirectly.

Work with Orlando Video Production Pros in 2021

Are new year’s resolutions more of a tradition than an actual plan? Maybe – because only about 12% of people follow through.

While we can’t help you achieve the classic resolution of getting that perfect beach body or taking that luxury vacation trip to show it off, our Orlando video production company can help you reach your video production goals.

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