How to Shoot a Seasonal Video Production

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If you need inspiration for your next Florida video production, simply step outside. Changing seasons are the perfect chance to update your marketing campaign and plan a new film project. Keep reading for tips on shooting a seasonal video production:


Benefits of Seasonal Productions

Some commercials are meant to run any time of the year, and those can be powerful marketing tools. Creating a seasonal production, however, will help your commercial stand out against any generic competition. Take advantage of the weather or seasonal products to do something different, and do not hesitate to reference things like outdoor activities, the Fourth of July, or back-to-school. Advertising seasonal sales is a great way to generate new leads. Or, depending on your content, your video can feel fresh all summer and through autumn.


Shoot on Location

Whether you are shooting a specialized video for an upcoming conference or planning a music video shot outdoors, take advantage of the weather. Florida offers incredible options for outdoor shoots, and shooting outside will give your production a light, fresh feel. Be sure to scope out potential locations ahead of time to pinpoint any potential hazards, such as heavy noise from roadside traffic. Once you pinpoint the perfect place, obtain any necessary permits and make sure your video production crew is fully equipped for the day.


Actor Clothing

Video productions should always focus on the script and message first, but other visual information does make an impact. In the case of seasonal productions, you may need to remind your actors not to wear certain colors or prints, such as pastels or polka dots. Many small or busy prints, in particular, will not translate well on screen.


Pay Attention to Props

Although props are in the background of your production, they still make a big impact on its appearance and atmosphere. If possible, utilize more natural lighting on indoor sets by choosing well-lit locations. Include a vase of fresh flowers in the shot, and make sure any paintings on the wall are not too dark or heavy-looking. Fussing over props may seem trivial, but these subtle touches will add cohesiveness to your seasonal production.


Showcase Seasonal Products or Advertise Seasonal Sales

Depending on your industry, you may not add seasonal products to your inventory this time of the year. Even so, you can still create a specialized production to highlight relevant products or services. Otherwise, simply include the same information you would any time of year, but film outdoors or using some of the tips mentioned above to make your production feel fresh and new. In addition, advertising seasonal sales is another great way to attract attention and entice new leads.


Lighten the Mood

More quick ways to lighten the tone of your Florida video production include:

  • Create a lighter script with fewer words
  • Avoid heavy topics: try using humor to give things a lighter spin
  • Use warm colors
  • Include light, catchy background music


Hire Professionals

If you plan to shoot outdoors, be sure to hire an experienced camera crew. Windy conditions may mess with microphones, while bright sun or changing light patterns can drastically affect what the camera captures. A great crew will have the equipment and expertise necessary to handle all aspects of the shoot, regardless of external factors.


Seasonal productions are a great way to help keep your company fresh and relevant. To learn more and to start planning your next shoot, contact our Florida video production company, NG Production Films. With top-of-the-line equipment and over 15 years of filmmaking experience, we know how to make your production a success. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.