Social media – it’s more than just a place to share pictures of food, ask for recommendations, and try to decipher real news from propaganda.

These platforms, for better or worse, are one of the most useful tools the digital age has given us. Using social media platforms, companies from all industries have promoted their goods and services to millions.

Any business that is in Orlando has plenty of competition, and thus must be very strategic with the way they handle their social media marketing. Is creating high-quality video content the key to successful social media promotion?

What Makes Social Media Promotion Effective?

Social media platforms are a place where people tend to congregate. Promoting there is the same, in principle, as putting up a billboard next to a busy roadway.

When people think about ways to promote their business, they want to place their ads in areas where they will attract the most attention. If people are already scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter feed, having an ad for something they want will make them more likely to click.

It’s an inbound technique that presents a product or service to someone without interrupting their day – and that gentle approach to advertising can make them much more receptive.

Using Video Production for Advertisements

While there are plenty of ways to promote content on social media, using videos is one of the most effective.

Sure, things like blogs and infographics can be very effective in their own right – but videos are one of the most immersive types of advertisements there are. With the help of an Orlando video production company, anyone can get professional videos to use on their social media pages.

While videos are great at getting a person’s attention, they are one of many types of content that are useful on social media. While not the only thing a company should rely on, they’re definitely a tool to take advantage of.

Videos aren’t all a company needs, but there’s no reason to be without them if the company wants to utilize all their options and use their social media profiles to full effect.

Combining Videos with Other Content

Most of the successful social media pages for Orlando’s big businesses use a variety of content to promote their organization.

Keeping the viewer entertained through a wide array of content forms can be great for retention and growth. Getting more eyes on a page can be tough with so much competition, but mixing in great videos is a sure way to help.

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