Five Tips for Filming Outside

If you plan on filming your Orlando video production outside, there is something that you should know. Filming outside is vastly different than filming on an indoor set. Without the proper techniques or equipment, your outside shoot could turn into a disaster. Here are five tips to help you avoid major mistakes while filming your Orlando video production outside.

  1. Lighting is key. Shooting outside can be a great source of light, if you know how to effectively do it. Midday lighting is harsh, so try to film near dawn or dusk. Be sure to avoid pointing your camera directly at the sun. If you are filming at night, you should use artificial lighting to ensure quality footage.
  2. Filters are your friends. There are various types of filters to help you achieve good quality footage while shooting outside. UV lens filters help reduce glare, while polarizing filters prevent your camera from picking up reflections. If you are trying to add warmth or bring subtle colors into focus, colored filters can be just what you need.
  3. Microphones are sound superheroes. When you are filming outside, you can find yourself running into the issue of background noise. External microphones are the best tool to combat this issue. The pickup patterns of microphones can range from omni-directional to noise-cancelling. Using shock mounts and wind filters can prevent noise as well.
  4. Focus, focus, focus. Although most cameras have autofocus, this feature can fail while filming outside. If your camera does go out of focus, it will result in blurriness. If this happens, try manually focusing the camera to be in control while filming. If you are still unable to get a focused shot, try physically moving yourself closer or further away from the subject.
  5. Tripods are support systems. Using a tripod steadies your camera and produces a cleaner and smoother shot. Tripods are essential for filming moving subjects, because they allow you to follow the subject without the camera wobbling or shaking. Be sure to use a tripod that is designed to hold the weight of your camera, otherwise your camera will still move as you are filming.

Although these tips will definitely increase the quality of your production, filming outside is quite difficult. If this task proves to be too difficult for you, NG Production Films can help you create a professional video. We’ve mastered the nuances and intricacies of every form of video production from decades of experience.  We have the skills and knowledge to utilize the appropriate techniques and equipment for every project.  To see how NG Production Films can help you with your Orlando video production needs, give us a call today at 1-877-203-2895.