Keeping your Video Production Needs Local or Beyond

If you’re looking for a video production company, would you rather have someone that knows the market you’re going for, or the business you’re working with?  Your answer is most likely “both”, and it’s also feasible, but it takes some time to be able to find that ideal company.  Most of the time a local company will be the ones that are familiar with your clients, and will be able to meet on your level for your needs. On the other side of the coin, more national businesses have the resources and the connections to better suit larger production needs.  In the following blog, we will identify the pros and cons of both kinds of production companies to determine what particular qualities you may be looking for.

As stated previously, a local company is good for connecting you effectively with the community.  You also have the great advantage of being able to meet with these companies personally so you have the best communication about your production’s direction.  Local businesses also tend to have greater capacity to assist their clients, so you may be provided with better customer service and faster results. Local production companies find their strength in local testimonials from clients you will be far more likely to recognize in your community than ones somewhere else in the country.

A much larger production company, in a cushy office in a picturesque NYC high-rise, most likely lacks many of the characteristics describing a local company, but also has many different benefits as well.  Large production companies are capable take in many different clients in a greater volume. This in turn gives them experience working with a huge array of unique client needs and finding many different solutions. This experience may lead to the success of your production’s vision. National production companies may also have access to more locations, fancier equipment, and have connections to put great talent into your production.

If you’re looking for a company that works hard to possess the positive qualities of both a local and national business, NG Production Films of Orlando is your best choice.  Contact us today at 877-203-2895.