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Are your marketing campaigns feeling a bit stuck? Did you hire a local freelancer to record a conference or convention, only to be disappointed in the results? Or, are you simply looking for more ways to improve the quality and success of future film projects? This post is here to help, with a few tips for taking your next Orlando video production to the next level:


Have a Clear Vision From Beginning to End


From your very first brainstorming meeting to your last editing session, the vision for your video should stay the same. Having a clear vision will keep all team members on the same page and help ensure you reach the right audience. Plus, your goal for the production is the guiding light for all decisions along the way, including script, pacing, background music, location choice, and marketing.


Improve the Background


Do you always shoot in the office building, behind a desk or in the lobby? Consider branching out to other areas that may carry more visual appeal. Although shooting outdoors can be a challenge, there are plenty of stunning locales that can help add another dimension to your film project. Alternatively, book a studio and film in front of a green screen for endless possibilities.


Choose a Strong Soundtrack


Music can be anything you want it to be: cheerful, dramatic, attention-grabbing, memorable, and more. We wrote a post about background music and how it can set the tone for a project, but it should be obvious just how important music is for productions. Instead of using stock sound effects or generic soundtracks, develop something new. Thanks to the creative commons license and amount of music available, you have plenty of options. Alternatively, consider hiring a local band to write or record a song for your Orlando video production, which will also illustrate your company’s investment in the community.


Upgrade Your Equipment


We are not going to deny that iPhones can take pretty decent videos. When choosing the equipment for a shoot, however, consider how the clip will be used. These days, even YouTube and Netflix offer users the opportunity to watch in HD, which means the quality of your initial clip must be extremely high. You should be able to use the same footage across multiple platforms, including:

  • Websites
  • Social media sites (mobile and desktop use)
  • Television screens, both small and large
  • Projectors or convention-sized screens


Can your current equipment produce those results? In addition to improving the visual quality, it is extremely important to increase the audio quality as well. In fact, users may be more put off by a weak audio track than a slightly pixelated image. Many small cameras and other devices have built-in microphones that cannot deliver the results you need, including crystal-clear audio with even levels and limited external noise. If possible, invest in an external microphone, especially if you have video and audio synchronization tools.


Hire a Professional Orlando Video Production Team


If you want professional results, you need a team with years of training and filmmaking experience. Our cutting-edge videography and editing skills are just two of the reasons NG Production Films is the best in the area. We are a trusted, dynamic company with great crewmembers who are fun and easy to work with. We have the kind of high-end, top-of-the-line equipment you won’t get by hiring a student group or borrowing your neighbor’s old camera. Plus, our dedicated and experienced crew offers assistance every step of the way, from pre-production planning to post-shoot editing and marketing. To learn more, call us today at (877) 203-2895 complete our online form for a free, no-obligation consultation.