Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Online Video

The Internet is now becoming the most popular way to watch videos and with YouTube having over 800 million unique visitors each month, it makes it the second most used search engine in the world next to Google. Many videos don’t get the exposure they want and there are some mistakes you may want to avoid when creating an online video in Orlando video production.

Not having a plan: Compose a plan that outlines your goals, the meaning behind your video, a beginning, middle and end, techniques, equipment, and anything that will contribute to making your video successful.

Using copyrighted music: Be completely original. Using music that is owned by someone else can infringe upon the rights of the creators, and can end in lawsuits and fines if not dealt with properly.

Boring video blogs: If you’re using a plain background or it’s just visually uninteresting, spice it up by shooting on location, using graphics, or adding animation. Make sure your personality is inviting and personable, and that the length of your video is just long enough to keep the attention of your audience.

You have bad audio: Sound is one of the most important aspects of an Orlando video production, and many people will automatically shy away from your video if you can’t hear the speaker or if there is too much background noise.

Using too many transitions: Overdoing transitions doesn’t improve the video and it’s even worse when they are elaborate transitions. Use one or two of the same transition throughout your video if you need to, but keep it simple, like a fade to black. Too many silly transitions can make your video seem unprofessional.

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