The fitness industry is unlike any other.

Those who work in fitness do more than sell a product or service. They give people a chance to transform their health, and by extension, transform their lives.

It’s a field where the brand becomes integrated with the customer’s life and identity. As such, the marketing must have the same level of excitement and creativity.

Anyone who is making an Orlando video production project should know the proper steps for using this content in the fitness field.

Fitness Videos Should Focus on Action

When people are thinking about a fitness agency, they’re thinking about being active. They want to work out, participate in a class, or at least get some type of product to help them be a little healthier.

Fitness videos should be about action. They should show people in gyms, in classes, or at least buying health products like supplements or workout gear. The best way to demonstrate you have an active brand is to show people taking part in the activities the company is focused on.

It’s also good to show people looking natural. Don’t go with models and don’t have people pose for the camera. Seeing people in their element makes others feel comfortable about getting into their own element.

Orlando video production should use footage from the facility. If there are issues recording customers, have staff members showcasing the equipment or demonstrating the techniques of a class so action scenes can be recorded.

List the Brand Differentiators (or Show Them)

Fitness facilities are popular. There are many reasons for this trend, including a boom in the popularity of healthy foods and wearable fitness technology.

With so many great fitness companies to choose from, it is important for each one to stand out. Videos should tell the viewer about the differentiating factor, or better yet, show them. There are a few ways to do this, including:

  • Bullet Points: Simply listing a brand’s unique factors like price, membership options, bundles, accessibility features, and hours can be enough to show an advantage over the competition.
  • Testimonials: List how many memberships the facility has given out or consider listing testimonies from existing customers.
  • Awards: From BBB accreditation to awards from health-specific companies, any special commendations should be promoted to help the facility stand out.

There are plenty of ways to integrate these differentiators into Orlando video production projects. They can be used as text bullet points, or even shown through imagery or video clips. Either way, these touches can help fitness companies stand out from the competition.

For help with making the best fitness video, consider enlisting the help of an Orlando video production professional.

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