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Other social media platforms may come and go, but Facebook has proved that it has staying power. Founded 12 years ago, the site has well over one billion registered accounts. In addition to connecting old high school and college classmates, however, Facebook has become a powerful tool for businesses. Companies and organizations of every size can fight for their share of the market thanks to Facebook’s public pages and sponsored posts service. Still, the site’s newsfeed tends to swallow content, burying it beneath posts from a user’s other friends and page likes. Here are some essential tips for helping your Orlando video production experience longevity on a fast-paced platform:


Purchase a Sponsored Ad


Facebook has multiple ad objectives, many of which support video. Your clip will play directly in a user’s newsfeed, and can direct them either to your Facebook page or your organization’s website. After uploading the clip, you can enter a budget and details for targeted ad placement. Use the preview features to make sure that your ad displays well on both desktop and mobile devices. Finally, you can let the ad run immediately or create a placement schedule.


Boost Your Post


Rather than created a full-fledged ad, consider temporarily boosting the post that features video. Once again, you will select your audience and budget, as well as how long you would like the boost to last. In-house analytics will let you know how your post is doing as a result of its increased appearance in user news feeds.


Pin A Post


Whether you are part of a small business, religious organization, or even band, you have the option to create a public page. Your wall, or Timeline, on this page will display everything you share, including text, links, photos, and clips. If you tend to post a lot of content, your clip may be buried in content within a few days or weeks. To help increase the number of your existing fans who see it, add it as a pinned post. Pinning a post will display it at the top of your Timeline for seven days.


Note that you can only do this as a page editor or admin, and that pinned posts cannot be created on individual user profiles. To pin a post, simply click the downward arrow in the top-right corner and select “pin to top”. This method is ideal for showcasing a special Orlando video production that has staying power.


Share the Same Post Again


Is an old clip still relevant? Do you want to edit the caption in hopes of increasing user engagement? You can share the same post again on your own Timeline. This “post-within-a-post” will feature the old content on the new date date, thus bumping it up and making it more visible within the Timeline. However, try to avoid sharing the same content more than once, to ensure you do not annoy your audience with repetitive posts.


Increase Your Engagement


Facebook newsfeeds are mostly chronological, which means that users will not see that a friend posted on a business’s post five days ago. They are more likely to see your post, however, if it is kept active through comments and likes. Engaging with your fans and commenters will both encourage additional comments and help keep your post in newsfeeds longer.


Need Help Making a Share-Worthy Orlando Video Production?


There are many other factors that contribute to a Facebook video’s success, including the caption, thumbnail, and its inherent likeability. For help developing content that is worth viewing and sharing, contact NG Production Films online or by calling (877) 203-2895 today.