Tip For Creating A Music Video

Ever thought you can create your own music video?  I’m sure there are plenty of you that have tried it by yourself and wanted to experiment since no budget is involved.  Producing a music video can be quite stressful but entertaining at the same time.

The first step is to collaborate with the artist and see what is the vision the artist is taking his or hers lyrics.  Best suggestion is to have the artist write down all the lyrics.  As a producer you would analyze the lyrics as if they were a script or a story.  Now you are going to outline key facts of the lyrics and think of locations or scenes that relate to lyrics.

Second step is to find locations and make sure the artists agrees with your decision.  Once the locations have been set, start outlining or in the production world we would say “storyboard” the music video.  Basically draw out images to understand what your video would look like on paper first before you go out and shoot right away.  This method will save you time and money!

Third is to start recording the song at the locations set and following along with your story board drawings.  This step can be very fun as the producer and the artist will enjoy the atmosphere as well.

Final step is to review the footage that you shot and start editing to the music and create your final piece.  Review with the artist, friends, and family.  Thats it!  You now became an amateur music video producer!

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