Orlando Video Production: Film Crew Terminology Explained

Have you ever watched the credits of a movie and wondered what the heck some of those strangely named film crew positions were for? Orlando video production companies often have a team of film producers that are responsible for certain aspects of filming, many of which are unknown to those who aren’t in film. If you ever wondered how these positions contribute to your film production, then look no further!

Key Grip: The Key Grip is in charge of the lighting equipment and how the lights and cameras will be rigged. They working on the mechanical side, moving the lights, dolly tracks and cranes, and they work closely with the gaffer.

Gaffer: In Orlando video productions, this is the head of the electrical department that includes everything to do with lighting. They are experts in lighting techniques and equipment and they make sure the lighting is appropriate for each scene.

Best Boy: They are the key grip’s assistant, aiding in the management and scheduling of the crew, ordering and keeping track of equipment. There is also a best boy for the gaffer, who also assists in maintaining other electricians.

Grip: They are managed by the Key Grip. Grips set up, adjust and maintain the lighting and camera movements. They build and maintain equipment, and the job is typically physically demanding.

Dolly Grip: A dolly grip is in charge of anything that involves the camera dolly and dolly tracks. They are dedicated to operating the camera dolly and they work closely with the camera crew. The dolly creates a smooth camera movement by riding on tracks which are laid down by the dolly grip.

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