The Future of the Music Video

We remember the good old days when music television meant just that.  We watched music videos often and attentively, wondering when our favorite artists would release there next one.  It was somewhere in between Road Rules and the growth in reality show ratings that these projects slowly found their way to the back burner of music television scheduling.  Though we still adore seeing the creative process of a music videos, and how they showcase our beloved singers and guitarists, the medium for these videos has been scrambling for a landing place in recent years.

People are becoming more resourceful with music video production in Orlando, and with what channels they are being found in.  Of course, now we can share a video we find online with friends in an instant.  Social media plays a big role in how these videos disperse and acquire notoriety (Rebecca Black, anyone?).  It is up to the artists and the video production company to put it together in a way that appeals to the masses.

Hip-hop and R&B videos of the past two decades have been notorious for their outlandish and lavishly-expended video productions.  Locations consisted of extremely expensive yachts, superstar penthouses, and exotic private islands.  Typically, budgets won’t call for this in more recent music video productions.  It is possible to think outside the box and utilize music video production in Orlando with live concerts, actual parties, and more low-key locations.

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