The Value of Carrying a Scratchpad

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In an age of computers and smartphones, the idea of carrying around a notebook may seem archaic and unnecessary. In reality, having a notepad or scratchpad on hand can help you capture and refine ideas throughout your next Orlando video production. Find out more below:


Brainstorming on the Go


Recording ideas using a smartphone or tablet is typically not as fast as jotting down handwritten notes. Moreover, working on a mobile device or laptop may not be appropriate for some meetings or other situations. Since there is no computer involved, this means no transferring files or waiting for Word documents to load.


Do you often find yourself struggling for ideas? Take your notepad on a walk or to another location to draw inspiration outside the office. Using a single notebook will also keep all of your notes together as you work in your office, during a commute, in a waiting room, or elsewhere on the go. Additionally, the backing will provide some support as you write, with no loose sheets or sticky notes trying to escape.


Finally, having a notebook handy is ideal for pre-sleep inspiration, when you lay down in bed, and an idea strikes. Being able to record quickly the idea will keep you from having to look at your phone, and will save you the time of later combining notes or tracking down little scraps of paper.


Take Project Notes


The next time you are in a meeting, presentation, or group brainstorming session, see if taking notes helps you pay attention and absorb more. Research has shown that individuals retain information better if they take notes while listening, but additional research suggests that those notes should handwritten rather than typed. As reported by Cindi May for Scientific American 2014, taking notes by hand is more effective than taking notes on a laptop. Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California cited the possibilities of multitasking and distraction when using a laptop, but they also discovered that typing notes results in shallower processing as compared to written notes.


Having a simple scratchpad is an ideal way to take notes during actor auditions, go over points during a preliminary meeting with your Orlando video production company, or scout and record information on potential filming locations.


Ask for Input Easily


Sometimes it can be difficult to describe an idea visually, especially if you know that you already have it written down in a clear, concise way. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for others to find time to stop by your office to view a file on your computer. Likewise, you may not feel comfortable emailing some preliminary ideas, concepts, or budgetary considerations. Carrying your ideas and notes around with you means being able to ask others for input anytime and anywhere. Having your notes on hand makes it easy to collaborate with others. They can even read your work and quickly jot down written comments or additions on the adjacent page.


Tear Out Pages as Needed


When is the last time you physically tore a page out of a notebook? There are several reasons you might want to tear out a page from your pre-production scratchpad, including:

  • Scrapping an Idea: Did you have a bad idea or a false start? Get rid of the sheet rather than carrying it around. If you seem to have hit a wall, you can alternatively give the page to a co-worker for a fresh look and input.
  • Save for a Later Date: If your page of ideas is useable but not right for your current production, tear it out and save it for a later date. You may be able to reference or use it for another project in the future.
  • Delegate or Assign Tasks: Do you need an assistant to pick up a handful of props? Do you have a list of the actors you would like your colleague to consider? Did you talk to a convention center on the phone and need someone to transcribe notes? Having everything with you on a scratchpad allows you to copy whatever information you need and give it directly to a co-worker or the production team.


Embrace Your Artistic Side


If you are artistically inclined, you might want to put pen to paper and begin drawing. Try to roughly sketch out some aspect of each scene, including props, set design, or actor placement. Seeing something besides only words may help you better visualize the production as a whole. Early sketches can also be a form of preliminary storyboarding, where you begin to combine script and set.


Although the idea of using a scratchpad for ideas may seem old-fashioned, your production will be anything but outdated or predictable. Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, has over fifteen years of filmmaking experience. We want to help bring your ideas to life, whether that is through music videos, television commercials, training videos, or other film projects. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation! Simply call (877) 203-2895 or fill out our online contact form for a prompt reply.