Anyone who has ever worked in marketing has heard this phrase – those numbers must come up.

What numbers? With video marketing, there are many, and they usually follow a specific order. For example, view counts are the base metric, which contribute to retention rate, and eventually click-through rate.

For anyone working on Orlando video production projects, use these tips to bring key metrics up.

How to Boost the Metrics That Matter

From the time a viewer clicks on a video to the destination they land on after it’s over, there’s always a goal to focus on.

View Counts: Meta Data, Thumbnails, and Promotion

Keyword research can help marketers pick the right title, description, and tags to make their video easy to discover.

The thumbnail is the only visual take on the content before they click the link. Use bright colors, eye-catching images, or even text. If some words aren’t effective for a video’s searchability but are still relevant to it, try putting them in the thumbnail.

Finally, promote the video across social media. Share it once during the day of debut, once the day after, and one more time at the end of the week. Remember, over half of customers will engage with a brand after watching a video on social media.

Retention Rates: Promise and Deliver

The most effective way to get viewers to stick around is to let them know what’s coming.

It’s also important to deliver – so set up with what to expect during the opening and cover it at an even pace as the video goes along.

For better organization, put timestamps in the description that provide quick links to the video’s subtopics. Some video sites may even provide higher priority to videos that get high retention numbers. They indicate the video does what it says and is engaging rather than clickbait.

When a viewer sticks around and feels it was worth it, they’re more likely to click through.

Click-Through Rate: It’s All in the Offer

No matter how good an Orlando video production is, its success depends largely on what it’s selling.

When a video has a high-quality product or service to sell, it’s much easier to create. Crafting effective content becomes much simpler if it’s focused on something worthwhile.

For a promotional video, try showing the product in action or using testimonials showing how well-received the service is.

It can even be helpful to offer special deals such as discounts or free accessories to boost the click-through rate of a video CTA.

Improving Orlando Video Production Metrics with the Pros

No matter what numbers need to be brought up, it’s always easier to create a quality presentation with the help of an Orlando video production expert.

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