Three Ways to Share Video Productions Using Twitter

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Creating and uploading a commercial or video project is easier than ever. Posting to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo is free and lets businesses share content with their followers, subscribers, or potential new leads. Still, there must be additional ways that you could extend your reach and engage consumers more effectively. Here are three ways to share your next Orlando video production using Twitter:


1) Simply Share a Link


Twitter limits user posts (called tweets) to 140 characters each. Still, countless individuals, celebrities, and companies alike have all found ways to embrace and utilize this limitation to their advantage. Many users post catchy one-liners, share dramatic statements, host Q&A sessions, or post several tweets in a row as a series. In addition, Twitter allows users to include a link within each tweet, whether it is to an image, article, GIF, or video. You can easily host a video elsewhere, such as on YouTube or your website, and include a link in your next tweet.


However, you should avoid tweeting the same link multiple times; otherwise users will begin to tune out. If you want to share the video more than once, simply add a short disclaimer such as “in case you missed it, here is our latest video about the new [product name]”.


2) Tweet a Mini-Series


Rather than sharing a single video production, your company could also consider combining two Twitter tactics and post a series of short clips. Ideally, the videos should be uniform in length and relate to one another. Ways to utilize Twitter-based videos include:

  • Posing direct questions to your followers
  • Sharing clues via video and asking followers to guess the answer or product
  • Gradually unveiling more information about an upcoming production release
  • Showing off tips and tricks in a series of short product demonstrations
  • Encouraging users to film themselves using the product, and then retweeting their clips


Most of those ideas are product-related, but video series could be done on any topic. Many consumers connect with businesses on Twitter as a way to receive behind-the-scenes information and insights. For example, with a series of videos you could also showcase different employees, or show off equipment, facilities, or new shipments.


3) Host a Promotion


One of the best things about Twitter is that it encourages company-consumer interactions. Your customer service should actively try to engage users, not only respond to complaints, compliments, or questions. As an example, consider announcing a new promotion that includes sharing a video link. Ask users to retweet the video in exchange for the chance to win free services, a gift card, or branded merchandise. You may be surprised at the response and involvement!


Another way to generate buzz and interest is by saying or including a special promotional code within a video clip. The chances are that someone will retweet the code word within minutes, but countless individuals will still watch the clip for themselves.


Are you now considering the possibilities for video productions on Twitter? Contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, for help creating a share-worthy video, series of clips, or promotional materials. To learn more and for a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at (877) 203-2895 or fill out our online contact form for a prompt reply.