The world is full of good news, provided people know where to look.

For companies, non-profits, and any type of brand in general, being positive is a sure way to keep audiences engaged.

People gravitate to content that lifts others up and offers a sense of empowerment. Whether it’s a laugh or simply a reminder of the goodness the local area offers, Orlando video production projects can be used to make a positive impact on audiences and brands alike.

Statistics help a brand feel more fact focused. As for the stats on how effective this technique is, there’s no question – almost three-quarters of people will recommend a brand after having a positive experience with it on social media.

Whether a video is posted to social media, a website, an email, or anywhere else, uplifting stats can be encouraging. Stats in slides with charts make for the perfect short, bite-sized video that’s easily digestible even on a busy feed.

Stats about economic growth, health improvements, quality of life improvements, technological breakthroughs, job growth, and other uplifting developments can all brighten a reader’s day. They can also make the reader curious to see what other interesting news the same brand can offer.

Add a Splash of Humor with Animations or Skits

Not all videos have to be scholarly and focused on data-driven discoveries. Animated content is perfect for those who like a little humor in their feed or inbox.

Videos can be a fine place to use animations, showing funny scenarios playing out or acting out common jokes – especially if they’re relative to the industry the brand’s focused on.

Those who don’t work with animation may also consider using skits, either with hired actors or their own staff.

This shows that positive content isn’t always about being serious. It can sometimes be more effective to break up a string of serious video releases with an unexpected dose of amusement. The aim of positive content is to lift a person’s mood, and the best way to do that is often to make them laugh.

Show What the Brand Can Do and Has Done

If the goal is to make people feel more positive about the brand itself, there’s no better strategy than showing its capabilities.

This can be done in one of two ways. The first is to show the company’s services in action. Seeing this acted out before them can make any person more inclined to reach out about getting these services for themselves.

Testimonials are also effective, especially if interviews with previous clients are available. Putting a face and a voice to a positive review can make it feel more authentic.

Create Positive Orlando Video Production Projects with the Pros

While content should be uplifting in nature, every video marketer also knows the importance of quality. When the two are combined, the video is more likely to succeed.

The best way to make a video look, sound, and feel professional is to enlist the help of a professional Orlando video production company.

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