Even now, when many people are working from home, video production is still a group task.

The scriptwriters, storyboard artists, recording crew, editing specialist, and project manager must all work together to create the best possible project.

Luckily, the digital age has minimized the disruption distance can cause – with these simple tips and tools, any video marketing team can make the most of remote meetings and maintain a successful content output.

3 Strategies for Making the Most of a Remote Meeting

Video marketing meetings can still be productive even outside the board room. Here are some simple strategies involving tips and tools to maximize the team’s productivity.

1. Utilize the Screen Share

Working together isn’t just about telling – it’s about showing. A storyboard artist may need to show their work to the recording team, while a recording team may need to show their work to the editor. To do this in a remote setting, learn to utilize the screen share function.

Communication tools like Slack and Skype offer the option to share a screen with one or all participants in a call. Doing so makes it easier to explain what’s being talked about at the time. This ensures everyone has the same vision so they can work toward the same goal.

2. Work Off the Cloud

The cloud is a lifesaver for remote workers, especially when they need to contribute to the same project. Common solutions, like Dropbox, allow teams to share files like documents, graphics, and videos. They can access, edit, and share content as needed to move a project along.

Software suites like Google Apps work off the cloud, letting users edit the same documents and spreadsheets with seamless access controls. Doing so keeps the team all on track without requiring them to guess or assume what the other members are doing.

3. Maintain Collaborative Workflows

About 40% of people prefer the flexibility of remote work. It is important to use this flexibility to maintain a collaborative workflow. When one person is finished with their task, they can pass it on to the next person in the team who needs it.

For example, a project lead and graphic designer may create some overlays and graphics, which can then be passed on to the editor to put into the finished project of a video. By following the steps mentioned, all team members can connect with one another to make sure every part of the project is perfectly executed.

Bring in the Orlando Video Production Professionals

Even when work is being done remotely, bringing in an Orlando video production crew can help move the project alone no matter what stage it is in.

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