Video marketers are usually tracking a few key metrics of their content’s performance.

Views, comments, and likes are just a few of the main targets they aim for. The company’s size and audience can impact exactly what numbers they look for in each category.

However, for the video production process itself, there are also some metrics to track. Keeping track of them can help any team be a little more efficient and effective at crafting the perfect video every time.

Keep Track of Time to Streamline, Not to Rush

There’s a misconception about following a timeline for Orlando video production projects or any other creative endeavor. However, tracking the time isn’t about rushing through and stifling the creative process. It’s about making the most of the time while still making deadlines.

Many people visualize time without actually tracking it – meaning they say they have an amount of time to complete the video, without having a detailed plan of the milestones they’d like to reach.

See how long it takes to complete the various aspects of the video production process, including script writing, setup, recording, and editing plus post-production work. Not only will it keep everyone on track, but it will also give a target to shoot for doing the next project.

Remember Who’s Involved in the Communication Process

A marketing department or even a dedicated video department may have many people they work with to create projects. It’s wise to track these communications so everyone who needs to be involved in future projects is easy to reach.

For example, those who work with graphic artists for visuals or composers for backing music should have their contact info nearby. A way to communicate quickly and a detailed list of who needs to be involved will both make future projects run smoother.

Just as a person keeps their close friends in their personal contacts, keeping professional contacts organized will help video marketers avoid delays.

Track What Went Well and What Needs Improving

If there was any aspect of the video production process that went particularly well, you need to document it.  Not only can you use it as a motivational tool for the future, but also as a competitive advantage over other businesses.

You should also track weaknesses or stumbles. This provides some valuable insight the team can use to make future Orlando video production projects run smoother. It can also help the team diagnose why something went wrong – whether it was an unexpected problem, poor planning, or miscommunication.

No matter what a person is tracking with their video marketing projects, it’s much easier to get a result worth being proud of when you involve professionals. .

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