How to Use Video Production to Improve Your Company’s Image

Do you still use business cards and company letterhead? These products have not gone completely by the wayside, but digital media continues to grow in importance.It is vital to update and modernize your company’s portfolio, website, and social media profiles. Thankfully, there are a myriad of ways that an Orlando video production team can help you improve your company’s image and digital media presence.

Business concept: target and Video Marketing on wall background

Sharpen Your Objectives

The classic rule of thumb for research papers is that you should have an “elevator speech” prepared. That is, if someone asks you what your topic is, you should be able to explain it clearly and concisely, in the time it takes to travel up or down a few floors. The same is true for company mission statements, goals, and objectives. If your company’s vision is unclear, then you will have difficulty attracting and retaining clientele. Consider hiring an Orlando video production team to help you create a fun, informational video about your company’s vision and services. Your clients will appreciate having a well-planned and stimulating way to learn more about your company.

Build Your Company’s Portfolio

Whenever a potential client asks for a sample, how do you usually present it? Pictures, photocopies, and online documents can be unwieldy and difficult to navigate. Instead, imagine being about to show or send over a short video that highlights your company’s products and successes. You can use video production as a tool in many different ways, so be inventive. Consider a “how we work” video that includes snippets of business meetings or the creative process. Alternatively, film your next big presentation or work conference. You can use these videos as samples, for marketing, or for future reference. Video production can also be useful for internal projects such safety or training videos.

Boost Website Content

It seems that almost every business has its own website, but you should note thatnot every website is worth visiting. Make sure your page is informative and inviting so that potential clients will want to explore it, and current clients will refer to it often. Videos are an ideal way to liven up a webpageas they can enhance pre-existing text or more easily explain difficult topics. In addition, including videos of presentations or conferences will show that your company is proud to share its activities.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Consumers still share information “by word of mouth”, but many of these conversations now occur entirely online. Think of social media as a personalized tool you use to reach your audience. Remember, however, that while using this tool you are continually fighting for attention in the midst of enticing graphics, click-bait headlines, photos, and concise, real-time feeds. Your video must be catchy and well designed, or otherwise it will go unnoticed.The same principle applies to creating television commercials, infomercials, and other marketing tools. Video production is about reaching your audience more effectively while presenting yourself in an accessible and inviting way.

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