It’s easy to see why so many companies are using video marketing – it works, and the numbers prove it.

We’re not just talking traffic, either. A video embedded on a website can boost conversion by 80%. Those are the numbers that really matter, especially to managers, and make a difference in ROI.

Because videos can provide such a return, some companies want to use them more often. Instead of doing an Orlando video production as a one-off or occasional project, they want an entire department dedicated to it.

Whether a company wants its own video department, or they want to make it a sub-focus of their marketing department, here are the steps to moving forward toward more video production projects.

Choose Positions Based on Company Size and Goals

A company with dozens of employees may want to have at least 5-10 people in their video department. Likewise, a small startup with only ten people on board could have as little as 1-3 in their entire marketing department whether it’s focused partly or solely on video.

The key is to have as many people on board as needed to deliver results. This may mean hiring a dedicated script writer, videographer, and editor – though there can be overlap on these roles if it makes sense within the company’s structure.

The head of the department will likely answer to either the head of the overall marketing department or if marketing is handling the video production projects, they’ll report to the overall company manager.

If content output is too slow or quality needs to be improved, management may consider adding new positions to improve results.

When to Think About Outsourcing Orlando Video Production Tasks

Many people view the concept of outsourcing as part of a dichotomy. Either the company handles a task internally, or they bring in outside help – there’s usually no mention of the middle ground.

However, an Orlando video production company can help with content ideas and direction as well as recording and editing. Not only can they be a supplemental force that helps the existing department with a project, but their insight can also make it easier to produce more content in the future.

As for when to bring in professionals, for smaller companies, outsourcing is helpful when the workload becomes too much to do alone given the available resources. For larger companies, it’s helpful to boost existing output and quality.

Any video marketer who is looking to prove the worth of their department can do so more easily with the help of professionals. Reap all the benefits of video marketing, including traffic and conversions, by turning to the experts for assistance.

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