The Value of a Voiceover

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Our most recent blog post discussed the value of video productions and how to increase your return on investment. Keeping in a similar vein of discussion, this post also discusses value: the value of a voiceover. A great voiceover can carry your entire production, adding to its overall worth and rate of success. Before scripting your next Orlando video production, consider the benefits and possibilities of including a voiceover.


Vocalize a Point of View


There are several angles from which you could insert a voiceover. One of the possibilities is filming your commercial or another video project from the point of view of a main character. This primary figure would be on screen most of the time, narrating their actions. Some companies use this for comic effect, such as filming from the point of a dog or baby.


However, POV films can be light, serious, or dramatic, depending on the tone used and story told. For example, a nurse could talk about a product she uses to get through a long shift, part of which is seen on screen. Another example is of a homeowner describing the before-and-after results of an in-home professional cleaning service, with corresponding images shown. Since the main character is the one telling the story in a POV voiceover, many consumers respond well to the perceived openness, intimacy, and honesty.


Make It Personable


Whether you choose to narrate the events of your video from a first-person view or use a third-person voiceover to describe on-screen products and services, you have multiple options for tone and delivery. One of the best ways to engage viewers is by making the voiceover personable, which adds humanness and helps make the commercial relatable. Being enthusiastic about products or services is great, but make sure your voiceover comes across as real and authentic rather than overly done.


Make It Professional


Another option for delivering a voiceover is to keep the tone strictly professional. Use a voice actor with a strong speaking voice, professional tone, and even delivery. Hire a camera crew with superior equipment to ensure clean, crisp audio. Together, these qualities can help add credibility to your production. Professional voiceovers work well for outlining product specifications or encouraging viewers to support an event, fundraiser, or organization.


Don’t Forget to Include Asides


Despite the importance and value of a voiceover, it should not be the only audio track in your production. Feel free to include ambient noise, such as footsteps, light traffic, or children playing. If you think of the voiceover as the narrator, then you can also add short, spoken lines within the video (the action) in help explain or improve the story and plot. Background music is another option to help fill any gaps between sentences or moments. Your production team will work carefully to produce even audio levels so that any background noise enhances, not detracts from, the voiceover.


Close Out the Clip


The objective of your entire voiceover could be a sales pitch. If not, however, you may want to switch to a closing sales pitch to finish your commercial or film project. For example, if your main character was narrating the events of her day, you can use a different voice actor to close the clip with a more salesy pitch. This will help viewers mentally transition from listening to a story to absorbing the call to action. It will also help set apart your main character as an honest, personable friend rather than a salesperson.


Do you have ideas for voiceovers but are not sure how to implement them into future video productions? Contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, for help bringing ideas from script to screen. To learn more or request a free, no-obligation consultation, fill out our simple online contact form or call us directly at (877) 203-2895.