With the new year upon the world, everyone is getting things in order.

For marketers, the new year represents a chance to try out new content, pursue new goals, and blow past the previous year’s metrics.

New Orlando video production ideas have already been discussed – however, some video marketers may be curious about how to stay organized during the new year.

What’s the Key to Success? Better Organization

Creating outstanding projects isn’t just about having talent. It’s also about being set up to work. A neat and organized environment with everything in place is conducive to productivity.

It’s alarming to think that in an eight-hour workday, the average worker is productive for less than three hours. Even if a person is working freelance or doing video production outside of a traditional schedule, there are some steps to take to set up for success.

1.    Create Project Templates

Every project may necessitate its own unique format. This could include aspect ratio, audio codec, overlays, intros and outros, plus much more. For those that make a lot of videos, it is needlessly time-consuming to set this up every time.

To move things along much quicker, create project templates that can be used whenever it’s time to create a new video. One quick way to make a template is to take a video that’s already been created and saved in the editing program, remove the video content, retitle it, and set that as the template.

2.    Master Storage Practices

Orlando video production requires a person to use video clips, audio files, graphics, overlays, and much more. The problem can be trying to track these files down when it’s time to put them all together. Even using the search feature can be a little time-consuming.

Create a root folder of video project files and create subfolders for each of the file types used in projects. Consider syncing it to the cloud for real-time backup creation so no files are ever lost.

3.    Utilize a Timer

Going back to the topic of productivity in the workday, even for freelance video marketers, the time clock is an ally. It’s smart to use a timer because it helps show just how wisely that time is being used. Consider setting goals and aim to finish tasks within a given frame.

To expand on this idea, use a calendar. Set deadlines for each aspect of the project, including the date recording, editing, and promotion should be done.

Find an Orlando Video Production Partner in 2020

The new year is a time for new relationships. The best way to make profitable Orlando video production projects is to enlist the help of a video professional.

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