Video Production Basics: All About Branding Videos

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Are you trying to use commercials to establish your company’s brand? For now, lose the sales pitch and consider making your next Orlando video production a branding video.


What is a Branding Video?


If your company already exists, you already have a name and logo to identify it. A branding video takes things a step further by helping to differentiate your company from competitors by sharing your company’s story or mission. The video does not have to go extremely in-depth in terms of including company history, product demonstrations, or corporate interviews. Rather, a branding video is designed to show the bigger picture: what you and your company are all about. It is not intended for a particular season, sale, or promotion, but as a way to highlight your company’s vision and unique position.


Reasons to Have a Branding Video


Whether your company is a fresh-faced start-up or has been around for years, a branding video can give your business a much-needed boost. Here are a few types of companies or organizations that can benefit:


  • New Businesses: Branding is essential for start-ups and new small businesses looking for a foothold in the market. Before committing your first sales pitch to film, make your first Orlando video production all about your company’s goals, vision, and brand. The footage should let viewers know what to expect from your company, and give them an image, mood, or catchphrase to associate with your brand.


  • Grand Re-openings or Re-Brandings: Are you springing for some renovations and hosting a grand re-opening at your current location? For companies that have been around for years, it can be difficult to continually attract new leads. Consider creating a branding video as part of your next marketing campaign, and relish the new attention. Former and current customers may be reminded to come more often, while new prospects may be enticed by your revamped image.


  • New Locations: Is your company expanding with a new location across town? Whether it is a bigger, grander version of your flagship store or a smaller, specialized offshoot of the company name, creating a branding video lets you showcase a new location while maintaining and extending your brand name. The footage can capture new facilities and location highlights while boosting your business’s brand exposure.


  • Churches and Other Organizations: Churches and other organizations may be turned off by the idea of “branding” themselves. However, think of the branding video as a type of “about us” video that gives viewers a personal look at your church or other organization. Instead of explicitly showing off facilities or grounds as in the other types of branding videos, your footage should aim to capture the mood and mission of your organization. Consider the fact that many individuals shy away from trying new things because they are not sure what to expect. Creating an authentic video that can be shared on television or online can help engage viewers by letting them know what attending a service or dropping by your organization would be like.


  • Bands: If you are part of a band or other musical group, you may be wondering what advantages a branding video would have over filming a music video. The truth is, the two types of film projects can be very different. Branding videos can be used as a fast-paced, engaging way to show agents your style. Clips can also provide fans with a behind-the-scenes look at your band or be posted online in conjunction with an Internet-based fundraising or ticket-selling event. In addition, creating different types of videos is a great way to break up a regular output of music videos or to help keep your audience base engaged between new releases.


How a Branding Video is Made


Before scheduling a shoot, you may need to spend some time in pre-production establishing a clear direction and strong business goals for your company. Building your brand includes your reputation, so what do you want it to reflect? Is your business an expert in the field, or do you want to be most known for being trustworthy and reliable? Who or what do you represent? What should people think of when they hear your business’s name? No matter how long your company has been around, revisiting these questions on a regular basis an important part of maintaining your company’s brand and vision for the future.


In order to help set the scene, your branding video can include exterior shots of your building as well as highlights or attractions that represent the surrounding areas. Depending on your organization and production goals, you may want to include short interviews, facilities tours, day-to-day operations, or shots from a live event. To get started, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. Our professional crew can help you create the perfect video for setting up or starting over. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.