Video Production Essentials: The Art of Engaging Your Audience

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Television and Internet commercials still air in 2D, not 3D, so what do we mean when we say that you can engage your audience? The first step is realizing that the tools at your disposal, audio and visual, are multi-faceted. We mean thinking about script, sound quality, voice types, colors, storyboarding, location, and call to actions, just to name a few. These tips will help you reach and engage with your audience with your next Orlando video production.


Determine the Video Type

Above all, always have a reason for making your production. Video productions allow you to deliver complex messages in a very brief amount of time, but first you have to know what that message is. Is it a trade show video or training video, or is it destined for your social media pages? Do you want to include product demonstrations, or are you simply alerting consumers to an upcoming sale? Are you hoping to create something fun and fast-paced, or are you targeting working professionals in hopes of making business connections? Once you have a strong vision for your production, you can begin to work out the engaging elements.


Add Visual Appeal

Humans are inherently visual creatures, but today’s world offers a lot of competition in terms of visual information. Your production needs to stand out in a saturated market, and one way to do that is by adding variety. You can use a mix of moving and still images, or include motion graphics, text, and more. Plan your color palate and choose your locations wisely, because you want to give your audience something with strong visual appeal. Make your production so visually compelling that viewers cannot help but to keep their eyes on the screen.


Create a Compelling Story

If your visuals are attractive but the story is weak, your audience might tune out. Develop a strong script through the rigors of good brainstorming and storyboarding sessions. This is where your production vision is especially important, as your video must be clear and consistent. Be overly creative if possible, and do not be afraid to ask a panel of employees or even clients to sound off on your ideas. For extra input, ask your video production team to weigh in. Having hung around countless shoots, they will know what does and does not work in productions.


Collaborate with the Best

Speaking of hiring a video production team, doing so will help ensure your production is a success! An experienced camera crew makes all the difference, as they will have the equipment and knowledge to handle any situation or special request. If your behind-the-camera crew is set, focus on finding quality actors or voiceovers for your video. Stilted acting or slurred speech will turn off your audience, so take the time to find suitable actors for your shoot. Look for people with personality, charisma, and a friendly, genuine spirit.


Play to the Technical Strengths

Poor audio can kill a production, and so can bad lighting. Audio levels can be difficult to control, however, and both indoor and outdoor shoots come with a myriad of lighting and shadow issues. Hire a crew to handle your lighting and audio levels, and let them know if you want to include any specialty shots, angles, or effects. In addition, a skilled video production team can work wonders in post-production. Your crew will create seamless shots with no jumps, bumps, or jolts along the way.


Use Supportive Sound

Very few videos can get away with no background music or sound effects. In fact, most of the best videos have music that enhances the emotional content of the video, whether that is silly, happy, sad, or energizing. Your choice of music should support your video’s content, which in turn will make it more impactful and engaging for your audience.


Understand Your Audience

You know that you cannot please everyone, but you should try to connect with as many people as possible. Video marketing is a powerful tool, and it is most effective if you know your audience and cater your content to them. Include personal touches and information, and make sure your use of tone and voice is appropriate for your intended audience. Your visuals, actors, and background music are all contributing factors to making your video fit its niche market.


Meet Them Halfway

Once you know your audience, meet them halfway by finding the right media outlet. This could be via television, social media, trade shows, and more. You can post clips of up to 90 seconds on Flickr, or post links to content on Twitter and LinkedIn. Videos can also be included in email newsletters or uploaded directly to Facebook. Aside from YouTube, there are numerous other online video platforms such as Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove, and Viddler.


Posting videos online can increase audience engagement by leading to links, including your contact information, or allowing for comments. If you intend to air your film project as a television commercial, expand your reach with the proper placement. Talk to your video production company about media buying, which is the process of finding the right airtime for your video at the best price.


Call to Action

Finally, leave your audience wanting more. Your video should give them a taste of your company brand and services, while highlighting products, mentioning a sale, or making it easy for them to contact you. Alternatively, create a support video, where your audience is given a solution to a problem. Whatever you decide, giving your audience a strong call to action will help increase their information retention and overall engagement.


Are you ready to make your next video production more engaging and appealing? Contact our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films for assistance with any type of film product, from corporate videos to Internet commercials. Our dedicated staff has over a decade of experience and will be with you through every step of the process. Call us today at 877-203-2895 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.