Should My Video Production Be Filmed On Location Or Using A Green Screen?

We recently discussed how you could jump-start your band’s success with high-quality music video production. This post is ideal for music videos but applies to a wide range of other Orlando video productions as well. If you are planning a corporate video, commercial, or television show, here is what you need to know about filming on location versus using a green screen.

Green Screen Studio

Filming on Location

Whether you want to showcase local sites in your video or simply exploit the benefits of natural lighting, filming on location is a great choice for Orlando video productions. Filming either outdoors or inside local establishments can help give your video a unique look.

To get started, scout around for potential locations and then contact the necessary managers, supervisors, or officials for permission to film. If you will be filming during the day, do you need to block off a section or hand out filming release forms to any local participants? Alternatively, consider bringing your own extras to give the video some added authenticity. If you must film after-hours, is your equipment able to handle changes in cloud coverage, lighting, or weather? Any time you film outside the studio you must be flexible and ready to handle changes or problems as they arise. Consider as many of these variables, such as traffic noise or tornado testing sirens, before the big filming day arrives.

Working with Green Screens

If you are concerned about weather, controlling lighting outdoors, or simply having to film in public, you may prefer to work in the studio. Consider filming in front of a green screen, however, for a chance to add an endless variety of creative touches. Working with a green screen enables you to replace the background with nearly anything in post-production. Green screening, or chroma keying, involves layering two images or videos, which give you and your group the room to be creative. Your background can be replaced with a scene from a different city or country, a combination of special effects, or a video of some kind in the background.

While filming, keep an eye on your lighting sources. If the room is poorly or unevenly lit, your camera may not capture your image against the green screen. Similarly, make sure you are lit from the same side as your background will be, such as straight on or from the top right. Never wear clothes or use equipment the same color as your screen (that may or may not be green!), because you will be difficult to discern from the screen during post-production.

What to Do Before Filming

Consider hiring an experienced video production team to help you create an eye-catching, professional-looking video. A creative and meaningful music video, commercial, or corporate video can capture much positive attention, so make sure your end result is high-quality and worth sharing. To help you envision the production as a whole, use a storyboard to help map out how you will use the green screen or special locations. By writing down all the details before filming, you will save time, money, and stress.

Our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, is fully equipped to help you capture your vision either on location or with the help of a green screen. We have over a decade of experience and can help you with any video production needs. Call NG Production Films today at 877-203-2895 to consult with our experienced filmmakers, or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.